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Illegal Syrian migrant arrested plotting attack on Israel with chemical weapon

After receiving a tip from ‘a foreign agency’, Germany’s Special Deployment Commando Police unit arrested a Syrian who illegally entered the country with a fake passport, for plotting to attack Israeli targets with a chemical weapon.

By David Rosenberg


A Syrian national recently arrested in Germany was part of an apparent plot to attack Israeli targets with chemical weapons, the German Bild newspaper reported.

Last Thursday, Germany’s special police unit, the SEK, arrested a 21-year-old Syrian man in Berlin. At the time, police said the suspect was wanted in connection with an April 14th assault in the German capital.

German Police making an arrest.

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Israel’s border-fence 100% effective in preventing illegal migrants from entering Israel in 2017

Israel’s completed border fence successfully prevented migrants from entering Israel illegally in 2017, while gov’t data shows 4,012 illegal ‘residents’ left voluntarily.
• Cabinet to discuss the closing of the Negev’s Holot detention center, leaving held illegal migrants with two options: indefinite detention elsewhere or voluntary departure.

By Itsik Saban and Yori Yalon


Not one migrant entered Israel illegally in 2017, according to figures from the Border Crossings, Population and Immigration Administration. The figures mark a turning point in the fight against illegal immigration in the country.

According to the administration’s figures, 4,012 illegal residents – 3,332 of them citizens of African countries – voluntarily left Israel in 2017. Continue Reading »

Netanyahu signs deal allowing Israel to forcibly deport illegal migrants back to Africa

With the new agreements PM Netanyahu received from African leaders he met in the US, a past High Court ruling that restricted state policy on holding, deporting illegal migrants is no longer applicable, so migrants can now be deported to Africa from Israel forcibly.

By Akiva Bigman


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a series of diplomatic agreements that will allow the state to circumvent a recent High Court of Justice ruling and allow for the continued deportation of illegal infiltrators, Israel Hayom has learned.

Netanyahu took advantage of his recent trip to New York, where he delivered an address to the U.N. Continue Reading »

European gov’ts & UN agencies gave $13m to anti-Israel groups helping illegal migrants

A nationalistic group reports that between 2012-2017, European governments and UN agencies funneled about $13 million to assorted left-wing Israeli groups helping illegal migrants.
• The left-wing, New Israel Fund: Figures ‘distorted.’

By Yair Altman


Between 2012 and 2017, European governments and U.N. agencies gave a total of $13 million in aid to Israeli organizations helping illegal aliens, a new report by the right-wing organization Im Tirtzu revealed Sunday.

Since the Egyptian-Israel border fence was extended in height from 5m to 8m high, illegal migrants have no longer entered Israel. – Photo: Israel Defense Ministry.

As Europe deals with the worst wave of immigration ever known to the continent, EU-affiliated institutes rank first with the most aid given to these organizations, which over the past four years came to $4.7 million, followed by U.N.-affiliated Continue Reading »

Israel: After new Swiss court ruling, Israel is “required” to deport Eritrean migrants

Since the Swiss Federal court ruled that no visible impediment exists in the forcible deportation of migrants back to Eritrea, the Israeli Immigration Policy Center said, ‘The time has come for the Israeli gov’t to begin implementing a policy based on the European courts’ decisions.’

By Shimon Cohen


In a ruling issued by the Swiss Federal Court, it was determined that there is no legal impediment to forcibly deporting an Eritrean immigrant who has been denied asylum. The immigrant, a married woman in her early thirties, filed a request for asylum in Switzerland after she claimed to have deserted military service at the age of 29. Continue Reading »

Egyptian Army arrested 70 Sudanese migrants attempting to enter Israel


According to an AP report, the Sudanese embassy is in contact with Egyptian authorities regarding status of 70 Sudanese nationals being detained in a Cairo prison after illegally entering the Sinai.

By i24news


Egyptian authorities arrested some 70 Sudanese nationals as they attempted to enter Israel, Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ghareeb Allah Khidi said Saturday in a report on the SUNA news agency, according to the Associated Press.

The border fence along Israel’s border with Egypt near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat. – Photo: AFP

The Sudanese embassy was maintaining contact with Egyptian security authorities to follow up on the status and treatment of the Sudanese nationals, who had been detained in a Cairo prison, the spokesman said, according to the report. Continue Reading »

Blackmail & Institutionalized Corruption? Turkey Manipulates EU & Wins Big, $3.2 Billion Payoff


For Turkey to stem its mass transport of Muslim migrants to Europe, the EU as agreed to provide more visas for Turks entering European countries, pay Ankara a whopping €3 Billion, and to reopen talks on Turkey’s membership into the EU.
• French president: Money to be paid out gradually as conditions are met.

By Eli Leon, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Even as it is trying — and currently failing — to placate Russia and alleviate tensions over the plane it shot down last week, Turkey secured itself a handsome victory in a different arena on Sunday, persuading the European Union to give it $3.2 billion and other benefits in exchange for stemming the flow of Muslim migrants threatening to flood the continent. Continue Reading »

As Europe Burns, Former French Minister: Germany Took Our Jews & Gave Us Arabs


A former French minister Patrick Devedjian quickly tried to back-step after stirring up controversy when he sarcastically said Germany left his country with Arabs.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


A former French minister stirred up controversy on Friday after saying Germany “took our Jews and gave us Arabs”.

The comments by Patrick Devedjian came as France began taking some of the thousands of refugees arriving in Germany and were taken sensitively in light of the refugee crisis in Europe.

Riots broke out when unregistered refugees tried to leave Lesbos on board a ferry – EPA

Devedjian, who served in the governments of presidents Jacques Chirac and Nicolas Sarkozy, made the remark at a press conference, but quickly tried to backtrack on social media, according to the AFP news agency. Continue Reading »

Reported: Cairo permits IDF crossing into Sinai to ‘deal with’ African migrants

London based Asharq al-Awsat daily  reported that on August 1, 15 migrants from Eritrea & Sudan were shot at by Egyptian troops during their attempted illegal entry into Israel through Egyptian territory.



Egypt permitted an Israeli army patrol to cross into the Sinai Peninsula and evacuate African refugees who were shot by Egyptian troops as they were trying to scale the wall along the border, the Arab-language daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Thursday.

IDF soldiers standing guard over African migrants on the Egypt-Israel border. – Photo by Eliyahu Hershkovitz

According to the London-based newspaper, the incident occurred on August 1, when a group of 15 migrants from Sudan and Eritrea sought to illegally enter Israel through Egyptian territory. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem approves extending Israel’s border fence onto its Jordanian border

The Jewish State’s fortified fence along Egypt’s border to be expanded as gov’t fears armed militants and/or illegal immigrants may exploit the porous border.

By Reuters, Itamar Eichner


>Israel’s security cabinet has approved extending the fortified fence along its Egyptian border into a section of the frontier with neighboring Jordan, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday.

The then-new fence bordering Egypt seen in 2012 (Photo: Roee Idan)The security fence bordering Egypt seen in 2012 – Photo: Roee Idan
Jordan and Israel closely coordinate security for their 240 km (150 mile)-long border as well as for the strategic 95 km (60 mile)-long Jordan Valley within the West Bank.

But the Netanyahu government worries that African immigrants and armed jihadi infiltrators might try to reach Israel via Jordan after the Egyptian Sinai border was fenced off with a 5 meter (16 foot)-high razor-wire barrier in 2013.
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African asylum seekers leaving Israel break records each month


With a $3,500 Israeli gov’t grant in their pockets, about 1,705 illegal African migrants left this past month, mostly back to their country of origin.



A record 1,705 African asylum seekers left Israel in February, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar announced Thursday. He also predicted that the wave of departures would continue in the coming months.

Thousands of African asylum seekers stage protest

Thousands of African asylum seekers during their recent protest – Photo: AFP

“This figure for the last month surprises me for the better,” Sa’ar said at a conference of Population and Immigration Authority directors in Ashkelon. “If the trend we identify continues, and I’ve been informed that it will continue into March, there will be a departure of enormous proportions from Israel this year.

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UNHCR criticizes Israel’s terminology: They’re Not Illegal Aliens, They’re Refugees

UN blasts Israel’s policy towards the illegal infiltrators, complaining that they shouldn’t be detained & their refugee requests need to be considered.

By Elad Benari


The United Nations on Sunday night criticized Israel’s policy towards illegal immigrants, as thousands of them protested in Tel Aviv, demanding that Israel recognize them as refugees and grant them asylum.

The UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) released a statement in which it accused Israel of “sowing fear and chaos” among the illegal aliens who, it said, should be referred to as “asylum seekers” and not “infiltrators”.

“We demand that the government examine the asylum requests of the foreigners, and stop the large-scale arrests in south Tel Aviv,” said the UN agency, adding that while it supported the holding facility for infiltrators in southern Israel, it was not acceptable in its present form as the agency deemed it to be a long-term detention center. Continue Reading »

Thousands of illegal African migrants protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv

Hundreds of asylum seekers, out of an estimated 49,000 migrants from Sudan or Eritrea who are illegally living in Israel, have been detained or ordered to report to a detention center over the past 2 weeks.



Tens of thousands of African migrants held a protest in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square on Sunday morning, against efforts to round them up and send them to a detention center.

African migrants hold a sign during a protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv January 5, 2014.

African migrants hold a sign during a protest at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv January 5, 2014. – Photo: Reuters

“Yes to freedom, no to jail,” protesters chanted at the Tel Aviv rally, which also included several dozen Israelis. Continue Reading »

More illegal African aliens choosing to leave Israel


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Israel Police to Open New Tel Aviv Unit to Deal with African Infiltrators


520 new municipal police jobs to be established, including a new Police unit for illegal migrant crime in south Tel Aviv.

Public Security Ministry: Municipal police forces have led to a decrease in crime & a greater sense of personal safety.

By Itzik Saban


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