Facebook Reinstates the Fatah Movement Page with Apologies to Palestinian Terrorists

Fatah Facebook Page - Screenshot: Facebook/IsraelandStuff/PP


Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement had its Facebook page shut down with the page’s 12 administrators receiving 30 day bans for promoting violence, a violation of its community standards. After protest, the page was returned, administrators reinstated, and apologies given to Fatah movement.

By Israel Today Staff


To the stunned approval of Israel and its supporters Facebook earlier this week shut down the official account of the ruling Palestinian faction, Fatah.

Abbas incites further by honoring those killed trying to kill Jews. – PMW screenshot

Someone apparently felt Fatah had violated Facebook community standards by posting an old photo of its former leader, Yasser Arafat, posing with a rifle next to the group’s current leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

On Wednesday, Facebook apologized for the “mishap” and reinstated the Fatah page.

The page was removed in error and restored as soon as we were able to investigate. We apologize for this mistake,” a Facebook spokesman was quoted as saying by RT News.

Sadly, Fatah’s years of posts inciting murderous violence against Israeli Jews don’t seem to have triggered Facebook’s censors.

Is it within Facebook’s guidelines for Fatah to boast, as it did last August, of its killing of more than 11,000 Israelis, far more than any other Palestinian group?


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