Following massive Hamas salvo of 70 rockets, Israeli jets hit Hamas hard

Following 70 rockets fired at Israel, the IAF goes after Hamas weapons caches, rocket manufacturing facilities , a central logistical military complex, a concrete factory, an offensive maritime terror tunnel shaft along the coast used by Hamas commandos and several assorted terror sites inside military compounds throughout the Gaza Strip.
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By Elad Benari


IDF aircraft on Wednesday night fired towards a vehicle used by a Gazan rocket launching squad to launch a rocket at Israeli territory.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said shortly after midnight that, over a period of five hours, approximately 70 rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip at Israel.

The Iron Dome aerial defense system intercepted 11 launches, the majority of the rockets hit open areas.

At approximately 1:00 a.m., two rockets exploded in Sderot, one in the vicinity of a factory and the other at the entrance to a home. There were no injuries but damage was caused.

At least two people, including a 13-year-old boy, were injured in Sderot during the initial barrage of eight missiles.

Earlier on Wednesday, the IDF struck 12 targets in Gaza in retaliation for the rocket barrage.

The targets include a tunnel-part and concrete factory, an offensive maritime terror tunnel shaft along the coast and several terror sites in military compounds throughout the Gaza Strip, among them rocket manufacturing facilities and a central logistical military complex.

The tunnel-part factory is a site which was intended to be used as a hotel, and was overtaken by the Hamas terror organization in 2012. The factory manufactures parts for offensive terror tunnels under civilian disguise.


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