Following rockets fired on Israel, IAF strikes terrorist targets in Gaza


Israeli Air Force jets returned safely after striking several targets in Gaza in response to their rocket launching into Israel earlier Thursday evening.

By Elior Levy


Israeli Air Force jets attacked several targets in the Gaza Strip following the launching of a rocket towards Israel earlier Thursday. The rocket landed in an open field and did not cause injuries or damage.

Israel Air Force F-16 Netz/Barak – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson Unit

Earlier Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at an IAF pilot graduation ceremony that “Israel holds Hamas responsible for all the attacks launched on us. We will strike at those who attack us, and at those who support them,” he said in remarks that were also broadcast on radio.”

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said the incidents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip – which are ruled by rival Palestinian governments – were unrelated, calling them “atmosphere attacks.” But he promised that Israel would respond nonetheless.

“This is an unacceptable situation for us and despite the difficulty of dealing with an individual assailant who is incited to kill Jews, we will act with force and in other ways to harm those who try to carry out attacks,” he said.


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