Foreign media report: IAF helicopter fires two missiles at Syrian rebels attacking Israel


IDF spokesperson said in response that the IDF does not makes comments regarding foreign reports & even the state media in Syria did not comment on the attack.



Syrian sources said that Israeli helicopters fired two missiles into the Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday, the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar website reported.

IAF apache, resting but protected. – Photo Courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

AFP cited an Israeli security sources as saying the strike had targeted purported terrorists who were planning an attack on the Jewish state.

The IDF said in response that it does not comment on foreign reports and Syrian state media did not mention the attack.

According to the reports, the missiles were fired into territory controlled by rebel opposition fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The missiles reportedly hit near Quneitra, not far from the border with Israel.

“An Israeli helicopter fired two missiles on Amal Farms in Quneitra,” the Lebanese news channel said, adding that two reconnaissance planes were also flying over the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based group monitoring the civil war, said the missiles fired on Sunday targeted armed vehicles, citing local sources.

It said it did not know if the vehicles belonged to the army, Hezbollah or anti-Assad insurgents.

Foreign media reports have attributed a number of air strikes in Syria to Israel over the past several years, although Israel has refused to confirm the reports.

In the most recent such incident, Syrian state television reported in December 2014 that Israeli jets had bombed targets near Damascus International Airport and in the town of Dimas, near the border with Lebanon.

A Lebanese TV correspondent reported that Israel struck 10 crucial intelligence-linked locations in Syria that belong to Iran. The outlet reported that explosions were heard near the Israeli-Lebanese border, allegedly the result of IDF maneuvers.


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