Foreign Media Report: Israeli Jets Pound Damascus Airport


Arab media reports IAF fighter jets attacked Damascus Int’l Airport early Wednesday morning, taking out electricity & halting flights.

Arutz Sheva Staff


Arab media reports on Wednesday that Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets struck the Damascus Airport in the morning hours.

Israel Air Force F-16 – IDF Spokesperson’s Office

According to the reports, powerful explosions were heard in the international airport. In parallel, the airport’s electricity went out completely, and flight traffic was temporarily halted.

It is not clear whether the target of the alleged strikes were an arms shipment, or a terror cell planning attacks against Israel.

Just last week Arab media quoted sources in Syria reporting that the IAF struck a transfer of Scud missiles to the Iran terror proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon, in strikes that took place in the Qalamoun mountainous border region.

Alleged aftermath of airstrike


That report followed on the heels of Syrian media reports the previous Saturday of an alleged Israeli airstrike in the Qalamoun region, targeting Hezbollah and Syrian regime forces.

Last April, it was reported in Arab media that IAF jets struck a Scud missile shipment as it was leaving the Syrian capital of Damascus.

The IDF has taken a policy of preventing advanced rockets from reaching Hezbollah on Israel’s northern border, which already is said to have a rocket arsenal ten times that of Hamas in Gaza.


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