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WATCH: World Seeks Israeli Technology For Fighting Global Terrorism


view videoA few Israeli companies have developed advanced solutions in fighting terrorism more effectively & without security personnel being placed in harm’s way, for example, an automatic interrogation of suspects at airports, advanced cameras with ‘In Motion Identification’ recognition software, & radar that pinpoints drones in sensitive air-space.

By Moshe Glantz


Attacks on airports have always been among terrorist organizations’ preferred objectives, leading to increased security. But from time to time, despite the investment of billions on security personnel and a range of security measure, terrorists still manage to strike. Brussels was the latest casualty, sending shockwaves throughout Europe.

Airport entrance – Photo:GettyImages

Ben-Gurion International Airport is considered one of the safest airports in the world, which led to unprecedented interest in security measures developed in Israel, with several Israeli companies now selling their wares all over the world. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv Airport Security Discover Hand Grenade in Luggage of Female Passenger


Sde Dov Airport security personnel were a bit shocked to find grenade and ammo magazines with dozens of assault rifle bullets among the personal items of the female passenger’s check-in luggage.

By Ido Ben-Porat


Security personnel at the Sde Dov Airport in Tel Aviv on Wednesday morning seized weapons including a hand grenade, ammunition magazines and dozens of assault rifle bullets in the luggage of a female passenger.
The grenade and bullets

The grenade and bullets – Photo courtesy: Airport Authority

The passenger, an Israeli resident of Eilat who arrived for the morning flight from Tel Aviv to Eilat, was asked about the contents of her luggage as is standard protocol. Continue Reading »

Foreign Media Report: Israeli Jets Pound Damascus Airport


Arab media reports IAF fighter jets attacked Damascus Int’l Airport early Wednesday morning, taking out electricity & halting flights.

Arutz Sheva Staff


Arab media reports on Wednesday that Israeli Air Force (IAF) fighter jets struck the Damascus Airport in the morning hours.

Israel Air Force F-16 – IDF Spokesperson’s Office

According to the reports, powerful explosions were heard in the international airport. In parallel, the airport’s electricity went out completely, and flight traffic was temporarily halted.

It is not clear whether the target of the alleged strikes were an arms shipment, or a terror cell planning attacks against Israel. Continue Reading »

Israel’s 2nd international airport to be built in Galilee


The new airport, to be located at Ramat David, was chosen because it had an infrastructure already in place to support a large new airport.

By Ilan Gattegno


The government recently approved plans to construct a new international airport in northern Israel, ending a 15-year-long search for a complementary airport to Ben-Gurion International Airport, which is already nearing operational capacity.

The Ramat David air base may become Israel’s second international airport in 2019 [archive] – Photo: Ancho Josh / JINI

The new airport will be located in Ramat David in the Galilee and will be the second largest airport in the country.

Continue Reading »

KLM Changes Flight Service to Israel Over ‘Security Concerns’

Dutch airline to begin a 40-minute stop-over in Cyprus before entering Israeli airspace as  a move for making ‘security’ appraisal.

By Ari Yashar


The Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) reportedly announced that starting Thursday night, all flights from Amsterdam to Ben Gurion International Airport will include a stopover in Cyprus. According to reports, the move comes due to “security concerns.”

KLM - Wikipedia

KLM – Wikipedia

According to Yediot Aharonot, the change will have flights from the Netherlands stop-over in Cyprus for 40 minutes and then continue on to Israel.

The report cites KLM as saying that “due to logistical constraints the flights leaving from the afternoon from Amsterdam to Israel will have short stop-overs in Larnaca, and from there continue to Israel.” Continue Reading »

Palestinians plan an airport, Gaza seaport and railway to Cairo after independence


Palestinian Authority transportation minister announces plans for second airport in West Bank, modern Mediterranean seaport in Gaza, and a railway line linking Gaza and Cairo.

By Elior Levy



Palestinian Transportation Minister Nabil Dmaidi announced on Sunday that the Palestinian Authority intends to build an airport, sea ports and a railway to connect the Gaza Strip to Egypt.

Plans for new Palestinian airport

Plans for new Palestinian airport

Dmaidi said his ministry signed a cooperative agreement with Egypt’s civil aviation authority, in an attempt to utilize the professional experience of the Egyptians in the aerospace industry.

According to the agreement, Egyptian experts will travel to the West Bank to identify an appropriate location for a second airport in Area C. Continue Reading »

IDF Orders Eilat Airport Closed Due to Terror Concerns

A security assessment in Southern Israel led the IDF to immediately shutdown Eilat  airport.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF ordered the immediate shutdown of the airport at Eilat Thursday to all arriving and departing flights, following an unspecified security assessment.

The assessment is most likely linked to terrorist activity in the Sinai desert, which borders on the southern port city.

Takeoffs of flights headed north were initially allowed to take place but were also stopped later in the evening.

The IDF will open the airfield at Uvda as an alternate landing spot for flights diverted from Eilat.

The Egyptian military has been conducting a large scale offensive against terror cells that operate in Sinai, in the last few weeks. Continue Reading »

Israel’s top 10 airport security technologies


No-one understands security like the Israelis, that’s why some of the world’s best new innovative airport security technologies are being developed in Israel.



Since the attempted terror attack on board a US airplane last Christmas day, airport authorities around the world are in a race to find novel solutions to fight terror. Israeli strategic and technical tactics feature high on their lists. What’s the secret to the country’s success in keeping Ben Gurion Airport terror free?

“Israel concentrates on the passengers and not their luggage so we have a real edge over the rest of the world in protecting travelers,” says Rafi Sela, a top security consultant and former chief security officer at the Israel Airport Authority. Continue Reading »