Former MK Demands Death Penalty Instatement, Executions of Jailed Terrorists Hourly

Ex-MK Ben-Ari suggests executions of convicted terrorists every hour until kidnapped Jewish teens are returned, “A hanging every hour in the streets like they do in the Arab countries, this is how they do things.”

By Ari Yashar


There was talk on Sunday among MKs and former MKs suggesting that the time has come to apply the Israeli death penalty law to terrorists, given the kidnapping last Thursday night of three teenage students.

Construction and Housing Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) on Sunday called for the death penalty law to be acted upon.

“The death penalty appears in the laws, but has only been used one time in the state’s history against (Nazi leader) Adolf Eichmann,” Ariel said, adding that he thinks the law should be applied against terrorists as well, reports Walla!.

Ariel visited the homes of the kidnapped youths in the recent days, saying he was strengthened by their “greatness of spirit and strength. He added that he was against conducting negotiations with Hamas for the release of the three.

Former MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari did more than just call for the application of the death penalty; on Sunday, he laid out a plan of action on Facebook, calling for the public hanging of terrorists according to the death penalty law every hour until the three boys are returned home.

Speaking about the mass prayer rallies, which were joined on Monday by prayers in the Knesset, Ben-Ari called for strong counter-terrorism deterrence measures, noting “these prayers remind me of the Jews in the ghetto. We need to pray, and I pray also, but I prefer that the main prayers be in mosques.”

“I’m convinced that the impotent government of Israel won’t do anything with it, but we need to know that this is what must be done,” Ben-Ari said outlining his plan in a video speech on his Facebook page.

The first step of Ben-Ari’s plan consists of re-arresting all terrorists released in previous prisoner swaps and “gestures,” many of whom return to terror to free their jailed companions, and a thorough and even “cruel” investigation of them to get any information that might assist in returning the kidnapped teens.


“Let them hunger strike in Syria”

After all needed information is extracted from the terrorists, Ben-Ari then called for the expulsion of all of them, including the hunger-striking jailed terrorists, to Syria.

“Let them hunger strike under (Syrian President) Bashar Assad, or (Hamas leader) Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza, not here,” remarked Ben-Ari. “Don’t force feed them, there’s no need.”

The next step according to Ben-Ari’s plan is a repeat trial for all jailed terrorists, and their sentencing to death. Primary among them he called for the sentencing of arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti and the murderers of the Fogel family.

“There is a death penalty, it doesn’t need to be legislated,” argued Ben-Ari, calling for the public hangings of the terrorists, one every hour until the kidnapped youths are returned.

“Let them beg, let them shake in fear, let the whole world shout. We want our children home now!” demanded an impassioned Ben-Ari. “A hanging every hour in the streets like they do in the Arab countries, this is how they do things.”

Ben-Ari called for the stringent response “to teach them, this is the penalty for a murderer of Jews. …To return the fear to them, and not to our mothers and our children.”

The former MK called for the search to go from house to house, and to include the destruction of all illegal Arab homes, so as to supply such a harsh response “that the next time, if someone will think about kidnapping one of our children, they (the Arabs) will slaughter him, not us. …Let them know there’s a price, a very heavy price on those who harm us.”


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