Former President of Israel, Shimon Peres takes his place on the Iron Throne

WATCH: Incredibly beautiful Israel put to theme song of Game of Thrones; Israel’s former president gets his chance to mount the Iron Throne.

By Ynet


Former president Shimon Peres paid a visit to the Game of Thrones exhibit which opened in Tel Aviv last week, even daring to sit on the notoriously uncomfortable Iron Throne.

Peres on the Iron Throne – Courtesy

“While in Game of Thrones on television there are swords and beheadings, in the real world the rest of us are looking for any way to end war and advance peace,” Peres wrote on his Facebook page, alongside images from his visit, during which he was accompanied by British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould.

“We have also in the past fled the bondage of kings to freedom, and this is a good opportunity for me to wish you all a Happy Passover.”

The exhibition ran in Tel Aviv during Passover, from April 5-9, and included various props and costumes from the World of Ice and Fire, including the infamous throne of the Westerosi king.

An interactive section also allowed visitors the chance to visit in the frozen north, see the Night’s Watch stronghold Castle Black, and scale the Wall that borders the kingdom – virtually of course.

The exhibit will also visit London, Stockholm, Madrid, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam.

A rumor last year that sections of series five of the international hit show would be filmed in Israel turned out to be false, but fans in the country can still get to experience some of the magic.


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