France reprimanded for part in illegal construction in Israel


view videoIsraeli Foreign Ministry clarifies that France must coordinate with Israel before building in ‘Area C’ as agreed in the EU signed Oslo Accords, which it didn’t do, and thus can’t complain that Israeli courts exercised its right to have illegally constructed buildings demolished.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


This morning, the Israeli Foreign Ministry responded to criticism from French citizens regarding the destruction of illegally constructed buildings in Area C. France intervened in the matter, due to the fact that it sponsored one of the buildings that were demolished.

Sources within the Ministry wish to clarify that “the claim that is being spread by the French Foreign Ministry is wrong. France, like other countries in Europe, must coordinate with Israel before building in Area C, which it didn’t do and thus can’t complain that Israel destroyed its illegally constructed building.”

In addition, the Foreign Ministry emphasized that “according to the interim agreement with the Palestinians, that was signed under the supervision of representatives from the international community and the EU, the civil responsibility for Area C sits with Israel.“

The statement continued to say that “like all law-abiding countries, Israel doesn’t allow construction without a permit. In this case, construction took place without permission and so Israel exercised its right to demolish.”

The response includes criticism not solely of France but also regarding other European nations who act in a similar fashion and states that, “Israel expects the international community to help only in legal construction and won’t give a hand in illegal provocation, the only goal of which is to create facts on the ground, in contrast to agreements signed by both Israel and the Palestinians.”


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