Fuel prices drop in Israel to lowest levels in over a decade

Travel restrictions dictated by the gov’t to contain the spread of the coronavirus outbreak have caused Israel’s fuel prices to nosedive, reaching prices not seen since 2009.

By i24NEWS


Israel’s Energy Ministry announced that fuel prices will fall to the lowest price in over a decade, beginning Tuesday at midnight.

According to the Energy Ministry’s updated fuel prices for the month of April, the price per liter of 95 octane gasoline will drop by NIS 1.03 (¢ 0.29), bringing the total cost to NIS 4.89 ($1.37), a 17.4-percent decline since March.

Getting the car fueled with cheap gasoline. [Illustrative photo]

Fuel prices in Eilat will also fall next month to NIS 4.18 ($1.17) per liter.

The plummeting prices can be attributed to travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Russian-Saudi trade war over global production.


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