German media reports Israeli aircraft fires missile at target in Syria

Contrary to a Hizbollah report attributing an explosion in Syria to al-Qaeda, German media quoted a Syrian security official who said an Israeli jet fired on positions in the Syrian Golan Wednesday, killing one and injuring others.

By Roi Kais


An Israeli jet launched missiles at a military checkpost in the Quneitra Governoratein the Golan on Wednesday morning, according to a senior Syrian security official quoted by a German news agency.


An official from the opposition uploaded to the internet this picture of smoke rising from a building in Quneitra, Syria seemingly damaged by the alleged attack.

The report claimed that the attack resulted in the death of a civilian who crossed the border by mistake and the wounding of three more Syrian soldiers.

The Lebanese Hezbollah-affiliated satellite television station, Al-Manar however, quoted officials denying that the the attack was carried out by the Israel Air Force (IAF). According to the station, Jabhat al-Nusra (the al-Nusra Front) – the al-Qaeda branch in Syria – launched two rockets from villages near the border killing civilians in the process.

The same officials claimed that the Israeli military was monitoring the points from where the rockets were launched.

According to the reports published in media outlets identifying with Hezbollah, the Syrian army retaliated by destroying a vehicle which launched the rockets belonging to the al-Nusra Front.

An official from the opposition uploaded to the internet a picture of smoke rising from a building in Quneitra seemingly damaged by the alleged attack. The Syrian regime has yet to publish any response on the matter.The Monitoring Center for Syrian Human Rights have stated that it is not yet clear as to what caused the explosion and whether it emanated from rebel forces or Israeli jets.They added that they were unsure as to whether the explosion had inflicted any deaths.

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On Wednesday morning an Israeli soldier was wounded at a checkpost in the Galilee from shrapnel wounds caused by unidentified gunfire, prompting the arrival of an emergency alert team. Military officials said that the soldier was not evacuated to the hospital and the area was swiftly returned to normality.

On Sunday an alarm was sounded in communities located in the Golan after an unmanned aircraft was detected over Israeli territory. Following the detection, two missiles were launched by Israel from the Galilee. No strike was recorded and the aircraft likely returned to Syria. Following the incident IAF fighter jets were called to the area.


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