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Israeli Jets Deliver Devastating Response to Syria After IAF’s F-16 Shot Down

Syrian intelligence agencies left flabbergasted after many covert, secret military installations were destroyed by Israeli jets that retaliated, hitting targets in 4 Iranian & 8 Syrian bases after an IAF F-16 was downed over the Galilee.

By Israel Today Staff


That sparked a full day of devastating Israeli aerial assaults on Iranian and Syrian military installations.

According to IDF officials, four Iranian and eight Syrian bases were hit, including Syria’s main command and control bunker.

Many of those installations were covert in nature.

“They, and we, know what we hit and it will take them some time to digest, understand, and ask how Israel knew how to hit those sites,” Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz told Army Radio. Continue Reading »

Northern Israel on alert after IAF jet hit following Iranian targets destroyed in Syria

Special Security Report

Air raid sirens activated in Israel’s Golan Heights, Upper Galilee, warning residents of potential incoming rocket strikes following IDF destroying an enemy drone and then its Iranian command & control base in Syria.



In a major flare up on Israel’s northern border, Israel carried out a large-scale attack against Syrian air defenses and Iranian targets in the war-torn country after an Israeli F-16 crashed during operations to strike Iranian targets in Syria early Saturday morning.

The operation, which was carried out by eight Israeli jets, struck 12 targets in Syria including thee Syrians SA5 and SA17 air defense batteries and four Iranian targets near the town of Kiswah, which is home to Syria’s 1st armored division and part of the Islamic Republic’s buildup in Syria. Continue Reading »

Assad’s threats ignored: Iranian base in Syria hit by multiple missiles, assumed Israeli

Reports by Syrian media say that the target of another “Israeli aggression” was an Iranian base in the Jamaraya region.




Syrian air defense intercepted several Israeli missiles targeting an Iranian base west of the capital of Damascus, Syrian state media said Wednesday.

Describing it as “a new Israeli aggression,” Syria’s official news agency SANA said Israeli fighter jets flying in Lebanese airspace fired a number of missiles towards the area of Jamraya research center targeting an Iranian base.

Syrian scientific facility in Jamraya, North-West of Damascus – Google Maps

“This blatant aggression comes in the context of desperate attempts to raise the morale of terrorist organizations that are falling apart” read a statement by the Syrian army, adding that dozens of field and intelligence reports confirm the close link between the Israeli enemy entity and the terrorist organizations in Syria.”


While a number of missiles did hit their intended targets, several others were intercepted by the Syrian air defenses, the report said. Continue Reading »

Syrian Army: Israeli jets fired on Damascus-area base

In a news statement made on Syrian state TV, Israeli jets attacked Syrian territory 3 times early Tuesday morning along with ground-to-ground missiles, causing damage to what rebels called on social media, ‘arms depots.’
– The news statement said Syrian air defenses hit one of the IAF planes.

By Liad Osmo, Reuters


Israel attacked Syrian territory three times early on Tuesday with jets and ground-to-ground missiles, Syria’s army said in a statement carried by state television.The army said Israeli jets fired missiles at the Al-Qutaifa area near Damascus from inside Lebanese airspace at 2:40 am, and that Syrian air defenses hit one of the planes. Continue Reading »

Kuwaiti Report: All Syrian targets hit by IDF jets were Iranian military facilities

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, all the sites allegedly targeted by Israel Air Force jets have one major common factor, including the factories located within civilian areas: They are all Iranian military facilities built in Syria since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011.



In recent months, Israel struck Iranian military factories in Syria, including factories located within civilian industrial areas, according to a report published Saturday by Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida.

The newspaper cited intelligence sources and military experts to shed light on attacks attributed to the Israeli Air Force in Syria in recent months. Continue Reading »

Syrian state TV: Israel Strikes Syria Again

The Syrian TV news report comes just two days after the IDF allegedly fired several Jericho missiles destroying large sections of an Iranian military base near Damascus.
– WATCH: Israel’s Prime Minister issues clear warning to Syrian & Iranian Leaders

By i24NEWS


Israeli fighter jets bombed several Syrian military installations around the capital of Damascus, a number of local outlets, including the state TV, and witnesses on social media reported on Monday.

Israel Air Force F-15 upgraded Eagles prepped for night mission.- Photo courtesy IDF’s Spokesperson’s Office


Syrian state TV reported the Syrian military’s missile shields intercepted at least three Israeli missiles bound for weapon plants and military bases. Continue Reading »

Russian official tells Lebanese TV: Israel used Jericho missile to strike Iranian base

Russian officials tell Hezbollah affiliated Al Mayadeen TV in Lebanon, that for the first time, Israel fired Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles on an Iranian base in Syria.

By Roi Kais


Israel reportedly launched Jericho I surface-to-surface missiles for the first time in its alleged attack on an Iranian base in Syria, Russian officials told Lebanese TV channel Al Mayadeen, which is affiliated with Hezbollah.

Jericho MD620 – Photo: Wikimedia Hebrew

Al Mayadeen reported that two Jericho I missiles were launched, with one of them intercepted by the Russian aerial defense system Pantsir-S1, which was deployed to Syria to protect Russian military personnel in the war-torn country.According to foreign sources, the missile has been in Israel’s arsenal for decades, since the 1960s, but there have so far been no reports of such a missile being used in operational settings. Continue Reading »

Arab News Report: Israeli aircraft struck Iranian military base near Damascus

Syrian and Lebanese Arab media sources report loud explosions as Israeli Air Force jets attacked a suspected Iranian base near Damascus.
– Assad regime retaliates with 3 of 5 anti-aircraft missiles reportedly downed by Israel.
– Lebanese paper reports Israeli jets conducted dummy raids over Lebanon.

By Roi Kais


Arab media outlets reported Saturday Israel attacked an Iranian base near the town of al-Kiswah, 15 kilometers southwest of Syrian capital Damascus. Arab-language Sky News reported that Israeli fighter jets launched air-to-surface missiles from Lebanese airspace at the compound.

Syrian state television corroborated the report, saying Israeli missiles struck a military position near Damascus overnight and Syria’s air defense system thwarted them. Continue Reading »

Israeli jets destroy Syrian arms factory affiliated with Hezbollah


Lebanese media reports Israeli Air Force jets destroyed an arms facility in an industrial area near Homs, Syria that, according to Russian media, is affiliated with the Lebanese based terrorist group Hezbollah.

By Roi Kais and Yoav Zitun


The Israeli Air Force (IAF) attacked an armament factory in the area surrounding the Syrian city of Homs on Wednesday, according to Lebanese news site Elnashra. The factory that was attacked was allegedly affiliated with Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah, according to Russian broadcasting channel RT Arabic, formerly known as Rusiya Al-Yaum.

A photo posted online after attack, claiming to be of the Israeli strike in Syria – Ynet (not credited)

Earlier on Wednesday, Israeli planes were reported to have flown in the commercial mountain range over the Lebanese Mountains, before a massive explosion was heard on the Lebanese-Syrian border. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force jets destroy Syrian anti-aircraft battery in retaliatory strike

After being fired on Monday morning by an anti-aircraft missile stationed some 50 kilometers east of Damascus, IAF jets on a routine aerial reconnaissance flight in Lebanese airspace destroyed entire Syrian SA-5 battery in retaliation.


The Israeli Air Force attacked and destroyed a Syrian SA-5 anti-aircraft battery east of Damascus Monday morning after it fired a surface-to-air missile at Israeli jets.

The SA-5 missile battery, which was stationed some 50 kilometers east of the Syrian capital, fired at Israeli jets that were on a routine aerial reconnaissance flight in Lebanese airspace, IDF Spokesman Brig.Gen. Ronen Manelis stated.

“We see the Syrian regime as responsible and see these missiles as a clear Syrian provocation, and it will not be accepted,” Manelis stated, adding that while Israel has no intention to enter into the civil war in Syria, Israel will react to all provocations. Continue Reading »

Arab media report: Israeli aircraft strike Damascus airport


Shortly after midnight, a Syrian news outlet reported an air strike at the Damascus International Airport, presumably by the Israel Air Force.
– IDF spokesperson declines to comment on foreign reports.

By i24News


Syrian news media outlets early on Friday claimed Israeli aircraft attacked the international Damascus airport.

According to some reports,  an Israeli drone was downed by the Syrian Armed Forces in the course of the operation.

The reports could not be independently verified and the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson declined to comment.

This is a developing story 


View original i24NEWS publication at:

Continue Reading »

Satellite images of alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria show heavily damaged facility

The Israeli company ImagesSat International, released pictures of the Syrian military facility before and after it sustained heavy damage in an airstrike last week, that has been attributed to Israel’s Air Force.

By Lilach Shoval and Israel Hayom Staff


Satellite images taken this weekend and published on Sunday have exposed the damage caused by an airstrike, attributed to Israel, on a military facility in northwest Syria.

A statement from the Syrian army said that Thursday’s strike took place near the town of Masyaf, about 25 miles north of the Lebanon border, and warned against the “dangerous repercussions of this aggressive action to the security and stability of the region.”

‘Before & After’ images show the Syrian facility before and after last week’s airstrike – Photo: ImageSat International

“Israeli warplanes at 2:42 a.m. Continue Reading »

After attack on chemical weapons cache, Syria threatens Israel with ‘dangerous consequences’

Following mysterious air-strike on chemical weapons storage center inside a regime military site in western Syria, local and Lebanese news sites reported an air strike on a Syrian “scientific studies and research center.”

By Tal Polon


The Syrian army responded this morning in an official statement to the air strike last night on a Syrian military site near the city of Masyaf in the Hamat district in western Syria.

Earlier, Syrian and Lebanese news sites reported an air strike on a Syrian “scientific studies and research center.” The center has been associated with the Syrian regime’s production of chemical weapons. Continue Reading »

Iranian media group claims Israel destroyed ‘entertainment equipment’ at Syria airport


An Iranian media NGO named ‘Owj’ claims equipment sent to an ‘entertainment event’ was attacked at the Damascus International Airport by Israel.
– No media outlet in Syria reported any such incident.

By Roi Kais


Iranian news agencies Fars and Mehr quoted Owj—a non-governmental organization—on Sunday accused Israel of attacking its shipment on Saturday in the Damascus International Airport.

The reports did not clarify how the alleged attack was carried out and what the contents of the shipment were, although it was defined as equipment intended for an entertainment event in the city of Aleppo.

IAFs new “Adir” F-35i Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Owj Arts and Media Organization is a media non-governmental organization in Iran, active in launching propaganda campaigns, film production and distribution. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: IDF retaliates again against Syrian targets after continued ‘spillover’ into Golan


Israel sends stern warning to Iran & Syria after IDF struck targets Sunday belonging to forces loyal to the Syrian regime, in response to the continued errant fire exploding in northern Israel for the second day.



Several projectiles fired from Syria landed in open territory in Israel’s Golan Heights on Sunday afternoon, the IDF confirmed. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The military added that the errant projectiles were the result of internal fighting in Syria

Israel strikes Syrian targets in response to earlier cross-border fire, June 24, 2017. Continue Reading »