“Going up to the foot” of ancient Israelite kings


The controversy over the Israelite nation’s birth stems partially from sparse archaeological discoveries & artifacts, but archaeologist Adam Zertal’s discoveries are changing that.

By Dror Eydar



The call went out among the hill tribes: Go back to Gilgal to hold another coronation ceremony for the new king. The people were not accustomed to having a king or institutions of government when the first king, Saul son of Kish, was crowned. Many of them doubted his ability to rule. During the first ceremony, the tribe of Benjamin was chosen by lot to provide the first king. Within the tribe, the family of the Matrites was chosen, and among that family, the lot fell upon Saul son of Kish, as if Heaven and the people had chosen him to rule over Israel (as told in 1 Samuel 10).

Jerusalem & Jericho, both within the region of the Tribe of Benjamin