Hamas breaks humanitarian cease-fire so IDF resumes strikes in Gaza’s Shejaia area

Israel reports IDF soldiers were shot at shortly after the 2-hr truce, assisted by the ICRC, had begun at 1:30 pm.

Palestinians say at least 50 Gazans killed in Shejaia district, which IDF reports as center of terror activity.



Hamas members on Sunday violated a humanitarian cease-fire in the Shejaia area of Gaza and fired on IDF soldiers with anti-tank missiles and automatic fire, the army said.


An Israeli rocket is fired into the northern Gaza Strip July 17, 2014. – Photo: REUTERS

The air force has begun resuming strikes in Shejaia, firing on locations from which the army came under fire.  Hamas had no immediate comment on Israeli allegations it had breached the ceasefire.

The IDF had agreed to a Red Cross request for the two hour humanitarian cease-fire in the northeast Gaza district of Shejaia which has been the target of heavy Israeli artillery and air attacks throughout Sunday.

Prior to the cease-fire, the IDF had been carrying out wide-ranging attacks on Shejaia, which the army considers a main center of terror activity in the Gaza Strip.


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