Hamas Exposed for Exploitation of Human Shields

IDF video and photo shows Gaza’s civilians gathering on the rooftop of the home of a Hamas terrorist targeted by the IDF.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF has published photographic evidence of the use of human shields by Hamas.

In a screenshot of a television broadcast from July 8, civilians gather on the roof of the home of a Hamas terrorist who was targeted by the IDF. They did so in order to act as human shields and deter an imminent IDF attack, explained the military blog.

An IDF bird’s eye video shows civilians gathering on a roof of a terrorist’s house after the IDF fired a warning shot to indicate it was about to bomb it. Hamas achieved its aim in this case, because the IDF decided not to bomb the home.

The IDF Blog also said that Hamas has been distributing graphics such as the one below, encouraging Palestinians in Gaza to stand on the roofs of their homes to act as human shields.

A video produced by the IDF for Operation Cast Lead in 2008-9 showed the extent to which Hamas terrorists go in using civilians as human shields:


View original Arutz Sheva publication at: http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/182716#.U73A-rGLUYA

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  1. Clea Belcher says:

    Thank you for exposing the tactics of Hamas terrorists. Their values are the opposite of Israel’s. The world as a whole does not strongly obligate the terrorists to be humane, but it expects perfection from Israel, and rightly so. Israel is a light to the nations and will be rewarded by the Almighty eventually. Be ever faithful and strong.

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