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U.S. Congress targets Hezbollah & Hamas with anti-human shield legislation

A bill that singles out Hamas & Hezbollah as habitual offenders of an inhumane tactic that violates international law was approved in the House of Representatives and is set to pass in the Senate, before being signed into law by President Trump.

By The Media Line


The US House of Representatives passed legislation targeting those who use “human shields” in military confrontations with Israel. The tactic is often employed by Palestinian terrorist group Hamas and the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah organization, who Israel says conceal their arsenals in civilian structures such as schools, homes and hospitals.

The legislation—titled the “Sanctioning of the Use of Civilians as Defenseless Shields Act”—passes to the Senate, where it is set to be approved, before heading to President Donald Trump to be signed into law. Continue Reading »

US Senate bipartisan bill condemns Hamas, Hezbollah’s use of human shields

12 Republican and 3 Democrat senators are currently sponsoring a bill would impose concrete penalties against Hamas, Hezbollah and any group that exploits the use of human shields.

By i24NEWS


A bill introduced in the United States Senate last week would “impose concrete penalties” on terrorist groups that set up “their terrorist infrastructure among civilian populations,” singling out Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon as the main perpetrators of the use of human shields.

Senators Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and Joe Donnelly, D-Indiana, and 15 other lawmakers have sponsored the bill.

The Anti-Defamation League and AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, are lobbying Democrats and Republicans alike to sponsor what they are claiming is bipartisan legislation. Continue Reading »

BUSTED: Killed Gaza medic admitted she was ‘Human Shield’ for rioters

WATCH Arabic IDF spokesman posts video proving female Palestinian medic killed during Hamas riots in Gaza last Friday trained to throw grenades, admitting she was not just an innocent ‘health worker’.
– “This proves Hamas exploits all members of Gaza society for its goals, and those of Iran.”

By Tal Polon


The IDF pushed back today against Hamas claims that a female Gaza medic killed during border riots on Friday was was merely an innocent health worker.

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Hamas leaders unhappy over U.S. bill sanctioning the group

Hamas condemns the new American bill, the Hamas Human Shields Prevention Act, that sanctions the group for exploiting civilians as human shields, saying the Trump White House sides with the “Israeli narrative.”

By Elad Benari


Hamas on Thursday condemned a U.S. bill that sanctions the group for using civilians in Gaza as human shields, reported The Associated Press.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the bill sides with “the Israeli narrative”, according to the report.

The House of Representatives unanimously passed the Hamas Human Shields Prevention Act on Wednesday.

The Act, initiated by Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) and Rep. Continue Reading »

Hamas Spokesman on Palestinian TV: We Are Leading Our People to Death

WATCH: Hamas Spokesman belittles Westerners crying over high civilian death toll in Gaza war, boasts of human shields.

By Israel Today Staff


A senior Hamas officials last week boasted of using Gaza’s civilian population as a human shield, and confirmed that his movement is “leading our people to death.”

“The resistance (i.e., Hamas) is truly glorifying our people and our nation,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Al Aqsa TV last Monday.

He went on to belittle those Palestinians who complain of the high death toll in Gaza: “We are paying a price, but we remember our brothers in Algeria… In 1945, in a single day in Algeria, 45,000 Algerians died. Continue Reading »

Hamas tells Fleeing Palestinians: Do Not Leave Your Houses!

Gaza’s ruthless rulers refuse to lose their human shields whose collateral death brings about excellent PR results in Hamas’ war against ‘the Jews’.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel on Sunday gave the residents of northern Gaza several hours to evacuate the area ahead of an expected escalation of the Jewish state’s military response to ongoing missile and rocket fire that has effectively placed five million Israelis under siege.

Residents of Northern Gaza temporarily fleeing their homes after receiving notices to do such by Israel – Photo: israeltoday

The goal of Israel’s telephone, leaflet and other media messages was to as much as possible avoid civilian casualties as it seeks to deal Hamas the kind of blow that will deter future flare-ups. Continue Reading »

Hamas Exposed for Exploitation of Human Shields

IDF video and photo shows Gaza’s civilians gathering on the rooftop of the home of a Hamas terrorist targeted by the IDF.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF has published photographic evidence of the use of human shields by Hamas.

In a screenshot of a television broadcast from July 8, civilians gather on the roof of the home of a Hamas terrorist who was targeted by the IDF. They did so in order to act as human shields and deter an imminent IDF attack, explained the military blog.

An IDF bird’s eye video shows civilians gathering on a roof of a terrorist’s house after the IDF fired a warning shot to indicate it was about to bomb it. Continue Reading »

Syria to Receive Volunteers to Serve as Human Shields

The ‘Int’l Human Shields’ movement, led by Ken O’Keefe, an ex-US Marine, plans to bring to Syria civilians from countries around the globe.

By Gil Ronen


The ‘International Human Shields’ movement, founded by a group of activists in Britain and the US, plans to bring to Syria civilians from countries around the globe, who will try to deter US strikes on the country by staking out potential military targets and serving as human shields there.

Hamas Human Shields

Children as Human Shields – IDFblog

The British Telegraph said that Franklin Lamb, a lawyer recently appointed as the legal adviser for the group, said he had been “inundated” with requests from activists including from Canada, France, Italy, the US, and Britain. Continue Reading »

Report: Syria moving its prisoners to military targets as human shields



A British paper reports Syria buses filled with inmates were seen being moved to military targets to be exploited as human shields against any possible Western airstrike.

By Roi Kais

Thousands of Syrian prisoners have been moved to military targets to be used as human shields against Western air strikes, Britain’s Daily Mirror reported Friday.

Residents in Damascus Photo: Reuters)

Residents in Damascus – Photo: Reuters

According to the report, Damascus residents said they saw buses filled with inmates being taken from their cells to sites the regime believes could be targets.

The opposition Syrian National Coalition said: “Assad’s fascist regime is amassing activists and civilians in prisons in military locations that may be targets for foreign forces. Continue Reading »