Hamas firefight in Gaza leaves 4 dead, Fatah unimpressed with “show”

Armed Hamas militants ‘go in blazing’ to capture Anes Abu Husa, alleged by Hamas to have carried out the attempted assassination on Palestinian PM Hamdallah, but so-called ‘assassin’ was badly wounded during siege and later dies, along with 2 Hamas operatives and alleged accomplice, all from their gunshot wounds during the siege.

By Elior Levy


Hamas security forces were involved in a firefight in the Gaza Strip’s Nuseirat refugee camp Thursday morning as part of the manhunt after Anes Abu Husa, suspected of the attempt on the life of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. Forces have besieged a home within the camp in which Abu Husa has allegedly been hiding.

Armed Hamas forces in the Nuseirat ‘refugee camp’ in Gaza, arrive at the luxurious villa of the alleged assassin, just prior to the deadly shoot-out. – Ynet (unattributed)

Two Hamas combatants were killed during the firefight, whereas Abu Husa was seriously wounded and later succumbed to his wounds in hospital. In addition, another man suspected of having been an accomplice was killed and a second alleged accomplice was captured.

Abu Husa, 26, was revealed Wednesday to be the person suspected of the attempted assassination, and may be related to Gaza Salafist movements, according to Palestinian sources.

Earlier Thursday, roadblocks were put up and smuggling tunnels near Rafah were closed by the terror group ruling the isolated enclave to prevent and block Abu Husa from escaping the strip.

Ahmad Bahar, the deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council says PA autocrat Mahmoud Abbas’ constitutional term in office ended 9 years ago. – Photo: The Israel Project

Ramallah, meanwhile, treated both the statements and manhunt dismissively, stating it was all for show.

Hamas also prevented access to the Erez border crossing Thursday morning, later allowing only humanitarian cases to pass.

Last week, Gaza’s Hamas rulers shut the offices of a Qatari-Palestinian cellular provider in connection with its investigation into the explosion that targeted the visiting Palestinian prime minister.

Hamas police spokesman Ayman Batniji said Saturday that Wataniya Mobile, a subsidiary of Qatar’s Ooredoo, was being closed down for “refusing to cooperate” in the inquiry. Ynet also revealed that several Wataniya and Jawwal employees were arrested in conjunction with the investigation due to their refusal to cooperate.


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