Hamas keeps humanitarian aid from entering Gaza

The Palestinian contractor responsible for the Palestinian side decided not to open the crossing. His decision stems from attempts by Hamas to replace the current PA contractor with one of their choosing.

Hamas has been actively trying to push the Palestinian Authority out & take charge of the management of Kerem Shalom so that Hamas may collect & keep 100% of the revenue from goods that enter Gaza.

By Michael Selutin


Dozens of heavy trucks transporting humanitarian aid have been sitting idly on the border of the Gaza Strip since Monday, unable to enter the coastal enclave after Hamas shut the gates from its side.

The perishable items among the aid carried by the 65 trucks are threatening to spoil if the situation isn’t resolved quickly.

The problem is that earlier this week, Hamas decided to seize control of Gaza’s border crossings from the Palestinian Authority. Israel has been working with the PA to ensure that regular supplies entered Gaza.

But Hamas and Israel have no cooperation, and the terror group seems uninterested in getting those trucks into the territory it rules.

Israeli Gen. Eitan Dangot, the officer in charge of coordinating aid transfers, stressed that Israel continues to facilitate the entry of goods to Gaza, and will gladly resume that practice if someone on the other side will let that happen.

Gen. Dangot noted that Hamas is inflicting great harm on its own people in a misguided attempt to score PR points with the international community.


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