Hamas Legislator Arrested By IDF


Israel’s Shin Bet has confirmed that the IDF arrest was carried out on Thursday morning just outside of Hebron, and will be followed up by a thorough investigation of the Hamas-affiliated lawmaker, Samir Halaika.



The IDF arrested Hamas lawmaker Samir Halaika early Thursday morning in her home in a Palestinian village outside of Hebron, the Shin Bet confirmed.

On Monday morning, the IDF arrested two other Hamas lawmakers, Khaled Tafish and Anwar Zaboun.

Ahmed Bahr, a leading Hamas lawmaker based in the Gaza Strip, condemned the IDF for arresting Palestinian lawmakers.
“The policy of kidnaping representatives embodies a clear violation of their parliamentary immunity, from which it is assumed representatives will benefit,” Bahr said in a statement.

An IDF Spokesman said on Thursday that its arrests of Palestinians are for security purposes including preventing and foiling violent attacks.

A total of ten Palestinian lawmakers are currently in Israeli prisons.


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