Hamas reiterates it will not make peace, will torpedo Trump’s Peace Initiative

World leaders still ignore the fact that Hamas absolutely refuses any peace with the Jews and unfortunately, after a generation of indoctrination and incitement from their leaders, many Palestinians support their agenda.

By Israel Today Staff


As elements in Israel and the international community work on a new Middle East peace proposal, they continue to ignore the fact that a sizable portion of the Palestinian population simply isn’t interested in a peace that enables Israel to continue existing.

Unfortunately, that part of Palestinian society, even if it is a minority, is large enough to effectively scuttle any efforts to end the conflict.

Hamas leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar instructs Gazans (in Arabic) of true intentions to ‘peaceful March of Return’ – Screenshot: Twitter

Case in point, the last Palestinian legislative election was easily won by Hamas, a group that reaffirmed just this week that its primary goal remains the downfall of the Jewish state. And a majority of Palestinian voters chose these guys to lead their government.

At an event in the Gaza Strip, Hamas leaders declared that they remain dedicated to the mission of “liberating the land of Palestine and the holy places of Islam and Christianity.”

Hamas further vowed to do everything in its power to torpedo the so-called “deal of the century” being formulated by US President Donald Trump.


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Israel and Stuff Post Script:

In regard to the Palestinians making ‘peace with Israel,’ forget for a moment the saying: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

But the fact that Hamas leaders, heads of a radicle Islamic movement that engages in terrorism and multiple war-crimes as a matter of policy, have the audacity to say, ‘Hamas remains dedicated to the mission of “liberating the land of Palestine and the holy places of Islam and Christianity” is dumbfounding.

Where in the world have Islamic radicals protected Christianity’s holy sites? Or better yet, in what Muslim country are Christians not being either killed or tormented to the point of fleeing for the protection of their family members? 

Lebanon, once a ‘Christian majority country’, now has more Christian Lebanese in Europe & North America, than in Lebanon (since Hezbollah took control of the country).

Facts are Facts: Since Israel gave the Palestinians control of Bethlehem, the Christian population has dwindled by over 60% and since Israel’s complete disengagement from Gaza in 2005, Hamas has targeted the Christians as ‘spies for Israel’ cutting their population by over 70%.

Hamas Justice: Implementing sentence to Palestinian found guilty of ‘collaborating with Israel’ – Twitter

No longer under IDF protection, the PA, PLO Fatah and Hamas are ALL erasing their Christians from Palestinian controlled territories.

To sum up, it’s bad enough world leaders ‘force’ Israel to go ‘have dinner with cannibals,’ but when they actually believe these ‘cannibals’ plan to protect Christianity’s holy places….because they say they will, well, that just leaves me flabbergasted.

I know Israel will protect its interests… regardless who asserts pressure.

But, who will protect the Christians of Israel….
Islamic radicals… the Vatican? – Only the democratic Jewish State of Israel.