Hamas Spokesman on Palestinian TV: We Are Leading Our People to Death

WATCH: Hamas Spokesman belittles Westerners crying over high civilian death toll in Gaza war, boasts of human shields.

By Israel Today Staff


A senior Hamas officials last week boasted of using Gaza’s civilian population as a human shield, and confirmed that his movement is “leading our people to death.”

“The resistance (i.e., Hamas) is truly glorifying our people and our nation,” Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri told Al Aqsa TV last Monday.

He went on to belittle those Palestinians who complain of the high death toll in Gaza: “We are paying a price, but we remember our brothers in Algeria… In 1945, in a single day in Algeria, 45,000 Algerians died. In a single day. It wasn’t described in Algeria’s history as forsaking the blood of the Algerians, as some defeatists are describing today the number of Martyrs [in Gaza] as ‘trading with Palestinian blood and forsaking Palestinian blood.’”

In conclusion, Abu Zuhri made what some described as a Freudian slip, stating that “we are not leading our people to execution as we stand by and look on. No. We are leading them to death – I mean, to confrontation.”

In another interview, Abu Zuhri boasted over how effective the use of human shields had been in Gaza.

The following video published by the Israeli army speaks to the enormous difficulty in confronting an enemy that first provokes a military response, and then hides behind civilians:



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