Hassan Nasrallah Blames Israel for EU’s blacklisting Hezbollah

Terrorist group’s TV channel claims Israel forced EU into including Hezbollah to terror its list.

Lebanese president urges Europeans to reconsider their decision for sake of his country’s stability.

By Roi Kais

“The blacklisting of Hezbollah is Israel forcing its way on the EU,” the Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV channel responded to the EU’s decision to list the organization’s military wing as a terror group on Monday.

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah – Photo: AFP

The balk of the criticism landed on Britain, which according to the channel led the blacklisting campaign: “For years, leaders of the enemy state tried to lead Europe to this decision with the obvious backing of Britain and the US.”

Earlier a source related to Hezbollah told the Lebanese news website Lebanon Now that the group’s leadership views the EU’s decision as meeting Israel’s demands.

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The source added that the decision will have repercussions on Hezbollah’s ties with European countries.

The same source said that “the resistance fighters cannot be labeled as terrorists. This is a serious development and it isn’t right.”

Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman also responded to the EU’s decision and said: “I’m all hope that the EU will reconsider its decision so to not take hasty steps and maintain stability in Lebanon.”

Once the decision takes effect, citizens of the 28 EU countries will be prohibited from transferring funds to the Shiite movement, and European diplomats will not be able to meet with representatives of the organization. In addition, Hezbollah’s assets in the EU will be frozen.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the EU for joining the US and Israel in terming Hezbollah a terror group: “We invest great efforts to prove to the world that this is a global terror organization which tries to murder innocents all around the world including in Cyprus and the abhorrent murder in Bulgaria.

“Hezbollah commits crimes against humanity by aiding Assad’s forces massacre thousands. It fires thousands of rockets, and places them at the heart of the civilian population. It’s a double war crime.

“I told Catherine Ashton and many heads of state in Europe: If Hezbollah isn’t a terror group I don’t know what is.”

At the same time, Netanyahu condemned the EU’s ban on contracts with Israeli entities involved in the settlements in the West Bank: “We view the EU’s commission’s decision from the weekend harshly, it’s a wrong decision. But when the foreign ministers make a worthy decision we know how to show our appreciation.”


Moran Azulay contributed to this report.

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