Healthier food for the IDF


IDF Technology & Logistics Branch are changing their soldiers’ diet from processed meats to grains, less fat & no preservatives.

By Reuven Weiss

The iconic IDF hotdogs are being replaced: The IDF’s Technology and Logistics Branch is overhauling soldiers’ diets, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. “This change, that has already begun, is meant to improve soldiers’ nourishment and make it healthier,” said Lieutenant Colonel Sandra Moshe, head of the branch’s food division.

Illustration Photo: Shutterstock

Illustration Photo: Shutterstock

“The changes include using healthier products, such as whole grain cereal, less fat and more olive oil, using low fat foods, and introducing foods with no preservatives.”

Under this operation, said Moshe, and in agreement with the Medical Corps and the chief logistics officer, it was decided to bring the production of the almost mythic wieners to a halt: Instead, soldiers will receive a healthier choice of turkey, chicken, and unprocessed beef.

IDF cooks have also been trained to cook healthier: using less fat, steaming and cooking rather than frying, and adding fibers and fresh produce. “This is now an official command,” said Moshe.


The wieners will still be used in the IDF, but only under field conditions, where healthier food is not available.


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