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Israel Becomes Battleground in Mid-East Ketchup war

The Israeli company Osem, that almost holds monopoly on local ketchup sales, conducted its own tests on their competitor’s product, concluding Heinz does not meet Ministry’s criteria for ketchup.
  Heinz: Claims have no substance.

By Orna Yefet, Calcalist


Osem has launched a campaign against its main ketchup competitor Heinz, claiming the latter’s sauce does not meet the criteria for ketchup and instructing retailers to remove it from their shelves.

Ketchup wars: Heinz and Osem

After conducting lab tests on the Heinz product at its own initiative, Osem on Tuesday morning sent a letter to retailers asking them to remove the Heinz product from their ketchup section, and not place it next to Osem’s own product.

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Sipping wine in a 150 yr-old German Knights Templer cave

Ovad & Shani describe pouring all their passion into their dream wine bar ‘Jajo’.


Two years ago, when I met Ovad and Shani Zetuni for the first time, they convinced me they had something interesting on their hands. Together we hopped over cesspits, rolled in the sand, got some fresh air and climbed down to find a damp cave with high, empty vaulted ceiling.

Shani and Ovad Zetuni in the new Jajo bar.

Shani and Ovad Zetuni in the new Jajo bar. – Photo: Ilya Melnikov

Our conversation echoed and there was a dripping noise in the background. Workers were busy reinforcing the walls, peeling off old material and plastering them anew, and the ceiling was festooned with ladders.

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Healthier food for the IDF


IDF Technology & Logistics Branch are changing their soldiers’ diet from processed meats to grains, less fat & no preservatives.

By Reuven Weiss

The iconic IDF hotdogs are being replaced: The IDF’s Technology and Logistics Branch is overhauling soldiers’ diets, Yedioth Ahronoth reported. “This change, that has already begun, is meant to improve soldiers’ nourishment and make it healthier,” said Lieutenant Colonel Sandra Moshe, head of the branch’s food division.

Illustration Photo: Shutterstock

Illustration Photo: Shutterstock

“The changes include using healthier products, such as whole grain cereal, less fat and more olive oil, using low fat foods, and introducing foods with no preservatives.” Continue Reading »

The 11th Plague: No Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola in California

California Jews will have to get through Passover without kosher Coke, while different Pepsi kosher symbols are confusing Illinois Jews.


California Jews will have to get through Passover without kosher Coca-Cola due to a quirk in a law, while varied kosher symbols are confusing Illinois Jews, according to the Kosher Today newsletter.

Israel's Coca-Cola products - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Israel’s Coca-Cola products – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The reputable industry website reported that Coca-Cola issued a statement saying, “We will not be able to offer Kosher for Passover products in California this year.  We expect to offer Kosher for Passover products in 2013.”

The company explained, “The new alternative process caramel required to meet the State of California’s guidelines related to Proposition 65 does not meet the Kosher for Passover requirements.  Continue Reading »