Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah responds to Israeli PM UN address: Netanyahu is lying

Terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah denounced Binyamin Netanyahu’s exposure of Hezbollah missile cache locations in an address to the United Nations saying, Netanyahu was trying “to incite the Lebanese people against Hezbollah, as usual.”
– Watch PM Netanyahu’s video address to the UN

By Elad Benari


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was lying when he said during his speech to the UN General Assembly that Hezbollah is storing missiles in the neighborhood of Janah near the Beirut airport.

PM Netanyahu during UN address reveals Hezbollah weapons depot near Beirut Airport – Screenshot: YouTube, PMO

“A short while ago, the enemy’s prime minister spoke directly in a speech at the United Nations, saying things in order to incite the Lebanese people against Hezbollah, as usual,” said Nasrallah, according to Reuters.

He added that Netanyahu was trying to provoke the Lebanese against Hezbollah with accusations of missile sites in Beirut.

During his speech, Netanyahu noted the danger posed by Iran and its proxies, including Hezbollah. Recalling the massive explosion which rocked the Beirut port last month, Netanyahu warned that a similar explosion could occur in the neighborhood of Janah because Hezbollah is storing missiles there.

“It’s right next to the international airport,” he said. “And here, Hezbollah is keeping a secret arms depot. This secret arms depot, right here, is adjacent, a meter away, from a gas company. These are gas canisters. Right here. It’s a few meters away from a gas station. It’s fifty meters away from the gas company. Here are more gas trucks. And it’s embedded in civilian housing here, civilian housing here. For the Janah neighborhood residents this is the actual coordinates.”

“I want to show you the entrance to Hezbollah’s missile factory,” he pointed out, showing the location of Janah on a map of Beirut. “Because that’s what it is. It’s right here. This is the gas company, and this is the missile explosive depot.”


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