History at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport: Direct Abu Dhabi flight lands in Israel

UAE sends medical equipment on Ithihad Airways’ maiden flight from Abu Dhabi, in a historic non-stop flight to Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport.

By Mordechai Sones


The UAE sent medical equipment on an unmarked Ithihad Airways’ maiden flight from Abu Dhabi (photographed below), in a historic non-stop flight to Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport.

An Ithihad Airways plane tonight landed for the first time ever in Israel, following a direct flight from Abu Dhabi.

An unmarked Ithihad Airways plane from Abu Dhabi parked at Israel’s Ben Gurion Int’l Airport. 19 May 2020 – Photo: Israel Airports Authority Spokesman

It is a cargo plane containing medical and humanitarian equipment to deal with the coronavirus pandemic sent by the UAE to the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip, in coordination with Israel.


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This historic flight to send humanitarian aid to the Palestinians by the UAE spotlights the strategic political infighting between the Mid-East’s two largest sectarian competitors for area dominance.

Both sides battling for control are clearly exploiting the Palestinians, using them to facilitate the Shiite-Sunni power struggle. 

Clearly Iran is facilitating the confrontation by promoting antisemitism and its anti-Israel agenda.


Here, the Saudis address the Palestinian issue straight on, pointing out a more pragmatic analysis.


The world is finally tiring of the ‘Palestinian issue.’ State leaders have long known the Palestinian leadership will never make Peace with Israel, because “those in the know” have seen how their financial assistance has only made Fatah, PA, PLO and Hamas leaders become mega-millionaires and billionaires while their constituents receive nothing substantial.

The ‘Palestinian issue’ is merely a business run & owned by terrorists in $5k tailored suits and wearing $14k watches.











‘as a light unto the nations’