Huckabee: Defund United Nations, reallocate the financing to U.S. veterans


In the wake of the anti-Israel resolution, several American lawmakers have called for the U.S. to stop funding to the UN until the resolution is reversed. Former Arkansas Governor, “We ought to take that money that’s going to the UN and make it available to veterans.”

By Elad Benari


Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee suggested on Thursday that, in the aftermath of the United Nations resolution condemning Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria, that the United States pull its portion of the international body’s funding.

Speaking on Fox News, Huckabee said the hundreds of millions to billions of dollars could be better allocated to serve American veterans.

Huckabee also said that Secretary of State John Kerry’s speech on Wednesday, in which he accused Israeli “settlements” of being an obstacle to peace, was “ridiculous” and a “betrayal” of Israel.

“Israel has 1,640th of the land mass of all those Muslim countries [that surround it]. In John Kerry’s fantasy, Israel is supposed to give up land and give it to people who could get it from those who have 640 times the amount of land that Israel has. Explain why that makes sense,” he told the interviewer, Eric Bolling.

The anti-Israel resolution passed by the Security Council, gives the Palestinian Arabs “validity on the terrorism that they have sponsored and celebrated,” continued Huckabee.


“They pay people a monthly salary if they kill a Jew. They name streets after people who kill Jews. They do not include on their maps Israel. Any form of Israel because they don’t believe it should exist. Israel has offered — back in 1995 Ehud Barak offered basically 95 percent of the Israeli land to get peace with Arafat,” he pointed out.

“Arafat turned it down. Look, the Palestinians don’t want peace. They want to destroy Israel. Golda Meir said it best back in 1972, there will be peace in the Middle East when Palestinian mothers love their own children more than they hate Jewish children. Eric, this is not going to be resolved. There is no such thing as a two-state solution if the second state is laying on top of the land that has been the land of the Jews since the time of Abraham 4,000 years ago,” said Huckabee.

For Kerry to defend the United States’ abstention in the vote on the resolution “is a betrayal of our ally,” he stressed.

“Israel is the only democracy between Africa and Asia. It’s the only country that gives women total full rights as men have. Why doesn’t John Kerry put a little pressure on the nations that subjugate women to a lack of education, won’t let them drive? I mean, look at the differences here.

Border Guard, MAGAV unit in Jerusalem - Facebook page/Israel Police משטרת ישראל

Border Guard, MAGAV Police unit standing guard in Jerusalem – Photo: Israel Police משטרת ישראל/Facebook

“The Israelis protect the holly sites of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Can you name me one Muslim country that welcomes Christians to build and protect churches? No, you can’t because there isn’t one. And to say that the so-called Palestinians which by the way, they didn’t exist until 1962 when Arafat coined the term, took it away from what had been everybody who lived in that area was a Palestinian,” said Huckabee.

When Bolling pointed out that American funding accounts for about 22 percent of the UN’s budget, Huckabee said “we should eliminate it”

“We ought to take that money that’s going to the UN and make it available to veterans who have served under the U.S. flag and make sure they’ll get the benefits they need. We are getting zero benefits. We are getting embarrassed by the actions of the UN. That’s money that ought to be spent on American servicemen and service women and I hope Donald Trump makes it one of the first acts of his presidency,” he added.

In the wake of the anti-Israel resolution, several American lawmakers have called for the U.S. to stop funding to the UN until the resolution is reversed.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) announced last weekend he will propose a measure to pull U.S. funding for the UN unless the UN Security Council repeals the resolution it passed.


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