Humorous released report has Israel leading the world in R&D


Graphic website Doghouse Diaries releases new map indicating what each country’s claim to fame is. The map has Israel leading in Research & Development, Jordan in falafel size and Iran in brain drain.

By Ynet

world map published over the weekend on the website The Doghouse Diaries detailed the field in which countries over the world excel, listing Israel as number one in research and development.


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In the region, Jordan prides itself on the size of falafel balls, Saudi Arabia on the amount of oil possessed, and Kuwait in the exchange rate of its local currency.

Iraq is the worst state in terms of security of journalists, while Iran, according to the map, is suffering major brain drain.

Other interesting countries: Russia excels in quality of its raspberries and nuclear heads, Norway in the level of its democracy, the Netherlands in the height of its citizens, and Luxembourg in its generosity. France is the best at tourism, Turkey was crowned world champion in quality apricots, the Czech Republic in drinking beer, North Korea is world leader in censorship, India in making films, and the United States leads in Nobel prize winners and the number of accidents involving a lawn mower.


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