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US publishes new official Map of Israel that includes Golan Heights

President Trump’s Special Envoy for Middle East negotiations, Jason Greenblatt, published a new official map of Israel, including the Golan Heights, and Jerusalem marked as Israel’s capital on Twitter.

– Including: The case for the State of Israel’s legal rights to the Golan Heights under International Law



US Envoy for Middle East negotiations Jason Greenblatt released a map of Israel, including the Golan Heights, on social media on Tuesday.

The new map, which includes the Golan Heights as a part of Israel, was added to the US international maps system, according to the tweet.

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Humorous released report has Israel leading the world in R&D


Graphic website Doghouse Diaries releases new map indicating what each country’s claim to fame is. The map has Israel leading in Research & Development, Jordan in falafel size and Iran in brain drain.

By Ynet

world map published over the weekend on the website The Doghouse Diaries detailed the field in which countries over the world excel, listing Israel as number one in research and development.


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In the region, Jordan prides itself on the size of falafel balls, Saudi Arabia on the amount of oil possessed, and Kuwait in the exchange rate of its local currency. Continue Reading »