WATCH: IDF considering purchase of battlefield ‘suicide drones’


view videoThe Rotem drone, that the IDF soldier can carry (up to 2 drones) on their back, is armed with 2 grenades that explode when the drone hits its target.

Lilach Shoval & Israel Hayom Staff


The Israel Defense Forces is interested in purchasing “suicide drones,” an Israel Aerospace Industries official said on Sunday.


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  1. christian eguidazu says:

    hello there. shalom. i have a genuine question to the zionists. i read a rather interesting article the other day about ortodox jews being against israel and it made a lot of sense to me. They claimed that it states in the torah that the messias would eventualy come back to create the state of israel. it wasnt going to be some man made country like it is today, it goes against the teachings of the torah witch i believe is the jewish bible or something? They also said that the warmonging israely policy goes against all theyr teachings. i want concrete answers, no victimization please. thank you and peace my dear friends god bless

    • They are a minority among the Jews, who have a different belief/interpretation of the Torah. This sect, aligns itself with anyone who threatens Israel’s destruction.
      They are despised by 95% of the world’s Jews.

      • christian eguidazu says:

        thanks for your answer sir. what does the torah say regarding the creation of israel? how can this be misinterpreted?

        • For this you will need a Rabbi, or Torah scholar.

          I never saw any reason for denying a Jewish State.
          I can say, with Passover just ahead of us, Jews have been praying for 2000 years yearning to return to Israel, raising a wine cup every Passover, saying, “Next year in Jerusalem.”

          So, for 2000 years, since the Romans have forced out the Jews, we never forgot, remembering in our Holidays…and Holydays our determination that one day we shall return. (and THAT is Zionism, the rebuilding of the Jewish State.)

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