IDF invites CNN’s Ian Lee to visit 4th Hezbollah attack-tunnel found in Israel

WATCH: Hand-picked CNN reporter, who’s trusted for being fair & balanced, interviews an IDF officer (in combat gear and referred to as Lt. Colonel R.), as to how complicated the attack-tunnel finding operation really is.



For the first time since the beginning of Operation Northern Shield on December 4, Israel allowed a foreign news source to take a look at one of Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnels discovered only meters away from Lebanon.

The CNN footage shows reporter Ian Lee dropping a camera several meters into the ground, passing limestone walls before exposing a sophisticated tunnel, complete with ventilation and lights. “It’s large enough for an NBA player to stand in,” the reporter said.


So far four tunnels have been exposed, but the IDF believes there are many more. The operation to discover and destroy the cross-border tunnels is expected to take months.

An IDF officer wearing combat gear and identified as Lt. Colonel R., explained to the reporter how complicated the tunnel finding operation is, saying a minor margin of error can lead to a failure to uncover a tunnel.

“Half a meter to the left, half a meter to the right. That’s it. You’re out. You’re not in the tunnel,” R. explained.

IDF launches Operation Northern Shield to destroy terrorist tunnels dug by Hezbollah. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The same reporter toured an Islamic Jihad terror tunnel in Gaza in June by the terrorist organization. In contrast to the Hezbollah tunnel, Lee described the Islamic Jihad shaft as “hot and humid, narrow and low hanging.”

“It feels claustrophobic,” he said.

Allowing himself to be blindfolded, he was also taken to a rocket launching facility.

The Islamic Jihad leader showing Lee around said at the time: “The world needs to know that the resistance never plans to target children.” But sometimes their aim is off.