IDF officer seriously injured in car-ramming terror attack

IDF officer and Border Police officer injured when a car with 3 Palestinian terrorists drove into group of Israeli security personnel on the side of the road northwest of Ramallah in Samaria.
– IDF opened fire on the vehicle, killing 2 and injuring the third terrorist. 

By David Rosenberg


Two Israeli security personnel were injured in a ramming attack in Samaria early Monday morning.

The incident occurred in the village of Kafr Nimma northwest of Ramallah in the Binyamin district of Samaria, when terrorists ran down a group of Israeli soldiers at the entrance of the village.

“IDF soldiers who stopped on the side of the road northwest of Ramallah were run over by terrorists. In response, the troops fired towards the terrorists, neutralizing two of them and lightly wounding another. Additional troops are on the way to the scene,” an IDF spokesperson said.

Scene of ramming attack at Kafr Nima, March 4th 2019 – REUTERS

One of the two soldiers injured in the attack has been listed in serious condition. The second is said to have been lightly injured in the attack.

The seriously injured victim has been identified as an IDF officer, while the second victim has been identified as a Border Police officer.

“Overnight, an IDF officer was severely injured and a Border Police soldier was lightly injured as a result of a car ramming attack in Kafr Ni’ma, northwest of Ramallah,” and IDF spokesperson said. “The injured soldiers were evacuated to a hospital for further medical treatment. Their families have been notified.”

Army medics and MDA volunteers treated the soldiers at the scene before evacuating them to the hospital.

“When we got to the scene, we were brought to an IDF medical unit which was treating two young men who had been hit by a car,” MDA paramedic Ahuva Stern said. “Both of them were fully conscious. We treated one young man in his twenties who was suffering from multi-system injuries. We provided him with life-saving medical treatment and evacuated him while continuing treatment, including anesthesia and putting him on assisted breathing. His condition is serious but stable.”

MDA paramedic Yishai Rauchberger and senior MDA medic Akiva Oshri added: “We joined an IDF medical force and treated a 19-year-old in the intensive care unit. He had suffered a leg injury and told us that he had been hit by a car. We gave him medical treatment and evacuated him to the hospital. He was calm and was able to communicate with us.”


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