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IDF shoots dead Palestinian, critically wounded 2nd after breaching Gaza border

Trying to prevent further threat to Israeli sovereignty, IDF responders open fire on 4 Palestinian terrorists after breaching Israel’s border fence with Gaza, attempting to torch IDF equipment.
• One terrorist was killed, a 2nd critically wounded, a 3rd arrested, and the 4th successfully returns into Gaza.

By News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Four Palestinian terrorists breached the Gaza border fence Monday and tried to set fire to an IDF sniper post inside Israeli territory. Israeli forces fired at the infiltrators, killing one and critically wounding another.

No Israelis were reported hurt in the incident, which took place near Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, but the troops reported hearing shots fired in their direction, the IDF said. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist blown up by IDF booby trap while infiltrating into Israel

One terrorist dead and 5 more wounded while attempting to breach Israel’s security fence with Gaza on Monday, as IDF institutes new measures at preventing hostile infiltrations by supplementing border with explosive counter-measures.

By Ynet reporters


Five Palestinian terrorists were wounded and another, killed on Monday after an explosive device planted along the Gaza border by the IDF exploded as they attempted to infiltrate into Israel.

The man killed is believed to be 24 years old.

The military has studded the security fence with explosive booby traps designed to deter in light of the upsurge in the number of attempted crossings of the border fence by Palestinians and frequent sabotaging of the security apparatus. Continue Reading »

IDF kills 3 terrorists, captures 1 from 2 infiltration attempts


Attempted breaches on Sunday of Israel’s border fence with Gaza thwarted as IDF forces kill 3 of the infiltrators, all neutralized. Explosives thrown at soldiers during second attempt.

By Gary Willig


The IDF stated that two attempts were made to infiltrate Israel from Gaza Sunday evening.

In the first incident, two terrorists were identified attempting to breach the fence in the southern Gaza Strip. IDF forces opened fire on the suspects, killing one of them. The other suspect was apprehended and taken for questioning by security forces.

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REPORT: Palestinian journalist killed by IDF was Hamas drone operator

Yasser Murtaja apparently was a veteran member of Hamas’ security apparatus who brought drones into Gaza for intelligence gathering purposes.
– Israel’s Defense Minister, “We also saw a journalist approach the border and operate a drone.”



Yasser Murtaja, the Palestinian journalist who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers during protests along the Gaza border on Friday, was actually a Hamas activist, security officials told Israeli news site Walla!.

According the the report published Tuesday morning, Murtaja had been an officer in the Hamas security apparatus in Gaza for years.

At funeral of Hamas operative/journalist Yasser Murtaja, who was shot by IDF while operating drone over border with Israel.

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Arab terrorist leaves security guard severely wounded before being neutralized

A security guard was stabbed multiple times in the upper body and was left in critical condition even after the quick response of a police officer who immediately shot dead the Palestinian terrorist, thus preventing even more injuries.



A security guard was severely wounded in a stabbing attack in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem on Sunday.

Knife used to stab security guard at Jerusalem’s Old City – Photo: Israel Police Spokesman Department

The attacker was shot and allegedly killed. Israel’s Shin Bet Security Agency said that the attacker was from the West Bank, although earlier reports from Israel’s Channel 10 television stated that Turkish identity papers were found on the body of the alleged assailant. Continue Reading »

Palestinian shot dead throwing Molotov Cocktail at IDF during protests

Although IDF soldiers are now allowed to neutralize terrorists throwing fire-bombs (Molotov cocktails) with live fire, an IDF spokesperson said the two incidents, on Friday & Saturday that  left 2 protestors shot dead, will have the IDF investigating the shootings.



RAMALLAH – On Saturday, Amir Shehada, 19, died in a clash with security forces near the Yitzhar settlement, south of Nablus, the PA Health Ministry said.

Shehada was shot in the chest, according to ministry.

Palestinian demonstrators photographed in Hebron on March 9, 2018, hurling molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers during a protest against Trump’s Jerusalem decision.

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Israel Border Police neutralize 2 knife yielding Palestinian terrorists

Sharp reflexes of Israel’s Border Police successfully thwart what could have been a fatal tragedy, by neutralizing 2 armed Palestinian terrorists trying to stab security personal.
– Samaria Regional Council head, “Terror will not break us.”



Border police thwarted at attempted stabbing attack against their forces at the Tapuach junction in the Samaria region of the West Bank on Tuesday afternoon.

An officer in an observation post noted two suspicious looking Palestinian men in the area of a bus station at the junction, according to police.

Palestinian terrorist (with knife between legs) neutralized by border police at the Tapuach junction in the West Bank, 23 Jan 2018.

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Palestinian terrorist murders Border policeman, 2 security guards in Har Adar

Wife-beating Palestinian from Beit Surik shoots dead 3 members of Israeli security forces and seriously wounded one in morning terrorist attack, before being shot dead by Border Guard police on the scene.
– Hamas hails attack, saying ‘This is a new chapter in the Al-Quds intifada.’
– UPDATED with Israel Police video.

By Ynet reporters


A terrorist shot and killed a Border Policeman and two civilian security guards and seriously wounded another Israeli near the settlement of Har Adar in the Jerusalem area on Tuesday morning. The terrorist was shot and killed by security forces.

Magen David Adom paramedics treated three fatally wounded members of the Israeli security forces in their twenties and thirties, but had to pronounce them dead at the scene.The Border Policeman was identified as Staff Sergeant Solomon Gavriya, 20, from Be’er Yaakov. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist neutralized in stabbing attack, one Border Policeman injured

A 21yr-old Border Guard policeman was injured in the leg at the Tapuah junction knife attack, and evacuated to hospital for treatment.
– Terrorist eliminated.

By i24NEWS – AFP


A Palestinian teenager who tried to attack an Israeli border guard in the West Bank with a knife on Saturday was shot dead, an Israeli police spokeswoman said.

The knife used in the attack at Tapuah Junction, August 19, 2017 – Photo: Police Spokesperson

She said the 17-year-old attacker, whose identity was not disclosed, approached a group of border guards and pulled a knife from his bag to attack one of them, and another guard opened fire on him. Continue Reading »

Palestinian shot dead attempting to stab IDF soldiers in West Bank

Spurred by incitement from Palestinian leadership after Israel placed metal detectors to Temple Mount’s entrance, would-be Arab assassin was neutralized, unsuccessful in harming any of the soldiers.



A Palestinian assailant attempted to stab an IDF soldier stationed near the West Bank settlement of Tekoa on Thursday afternoon, the military confirmed.

Security forces shot and killed the would-be terrorist in response to the attempted attack.

Knife from the scene of an attempted stabbing attack by a Palestinian assailant in the West Bank, July 20, 2017. – Photo: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

There were no injuries to the Israeli troops. Continue Reading »

2 IDF soldiers injured in ramming attack near Hevron, Palestinian terrorist neutralized

In the latest Arab terrorist car attack outside Kiryat Arba near Hevron, at least 2 IDF soldiers sustained light injuries, but required their transfer to a Jerusalem hospital.

By David Rosenberg


At least two soldiers were injured in a ramming attack outside of Kiryat Arba near Hevron Tuesday afternoon.

According to initial reports, an Arab terrorist drove his car into a group of IDF soldiers positioned outside the entrance to the Palestinian Authority-controlled village of Beit Einun, northeast of Hevron.

Screen Shot of car ramming attack – Taken from Ynet

Two members of the squad were lightly injured in the attack. Continue Reading »

IDF soldier wounded in Palestinian car-ramming attack, terrorist driver neutralized

After ramming his car into an IDF guard post, lightly injuring one soldier, his squad opened fire neutralizing the terrorist when he exited the car attempting to stab the Israeli soldiers.



An IDF soldier was wounded when a car driven by a Palestinian man rammed into him near Tekoa, in the West Bank, on Monday afternoon.  The assailant was shot and later died of his injuries, after trying to stab a few soldiers as he fled the car, the IDF spokesperson’ unit said.

Aerial photo of Tekoa. – Screenshot: Google maps

The soldier was lightly injured and taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Tzedek hospital, with injuries to his right thigh. Continue Reading »

Armed Palestinian neutralized during attempt to stab IDF soldier

As the Palestinian pulls out his kitchen-knife at a checkpoint in the West Bank in an attempt to kill a soldier during a routine check, the alert soldiers watching immediately react shooting him dead before he can butcher anyone.


A Palestinian pulled out a knife and attempted to stab soldiers from the Home Front Command on Tuesday afternoon in the West Bank, the IDF has reported.

An Israel Police officer over the body of the Palestinian attacker – Israel Police

The soldiers were carrying out a routine check near Adam Square in Benjamin, north of Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Just like his cousin yesterday: Palestinian shot attempting to stab IDF soldier


Would-be murderer shot, neutralized at the scene near Huwara by soldier, with no injuries to Israeli side in 2nd such incident in the area in 2 days.



A knife-wielding Palestinian assailant attempted to stab Israeli security forces stationed near Huwara in the West Bank on Wednesday, the IDF said.

The would-be attacker was shot and wounded before being apprehended by Israeli forces. There was no injury to the Israeli side in the second such incident in the area in the past two days.
It was reported that the attackers of both incidents are cousins. Continue Reading »

Palestinian terrorist neutralized in attempted stabbing-attack attempt in Samaria


Quick reaction by IDF soldier prevented Palestinian terrorist from  successfully hurting soldiers at a military intelligence base.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An Arab terrorist attempted Tuesday afternoon to carry out a stabbing attack against IDF soldiers near the headquarters of the Military Intelligence in Samaria.


IDF soldiers stand guard – YouTube screenshot

The terrorist was shot by IDF forces while carrying out the attack. His condition is defined as critical. No further injuries were reported.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said: “Once again, we again witness attempts to disrupt our daily lives, and we thank the Golani soldiers for their vigilance and for their daily activities on behalf of the people of Israel. Continue Reading »