IDF responds to armed rioters on Gaza fence, 5 Palestinians killed, 35 wounded


After giving warnings, IDF forces open fire killing at least 5 Gazans, wounding 35, when some 400 Palestinians riot near Gaza border fence with Israel. 

By Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun


IDF troops killed five Palestinians on Friday afternoon, after firing live rounds at violent riots near the northern border of the Gaza Strip. 

Israeli troops reportedly fired at the Palestinians after they approached the no-go buffer zone enforced on the Gaza side of the northern border fence. Thirty-five others were wounded in the incident. 

Photo: Reuters

Ahmed Al Harbawi (19) from Nuseirat refugee camp and Houssam Dola (20) were named as two of the deceased Palestinians according to medical sources inside Gaza.

Around 400 Palestinians from the Shuja’iya neighborhood demonstrated in the area after the shots were fired, throwing stones and burning tires.

IDF troops also responded to a violent demonstration along Gaza’s southern border with Israel near Khan Younis, with protests also reported at the eastern border area.

A rioter brandishing a knife throws up a victory sign – Photo: Reuters

Hamas previously declared that Friday would be a “Day of Rage” after days of attacks in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

A Jordanian government spokesperson, Mohammed Al-Momani, released a statement, emphasizing that “The crime of killing the five Palestinian youths is clear proof of Israel’s disregard for human rights, and this is a crime which builds upon the continues Israel crimes against the Palestinian people.”

An injured Palestinian rioter – Photo: AP

Momani called on the international community to intervene on the behalf of the Palestinian people.

Attacks continued throughout Israel on Thursday. A 15-year-old Haredi Jew was stabbed in the Shaul Hanavi neighborhood in Jerusalem and lightly wounded.

Palestinians carry an injured rioter – Photo: Reuters


Just minutes after, a 47-year-old police officer was wounded in Kiryat Arba when a suspect tried to steal his rifle and was shot by other police officers.

Not long after, a female attacker was shot and seriously wounded after trying to stab a security guard at the entrace to the central bus station the northern city of Afula.

Ahmed Al Harbawi (left) armed with a fire-bomb moments before his death


Later on in the afternoon six people, including two children, were lightly wounded as a result of a car accident that the IDF confirmed was caused by stone-throwing. In the car were the wife and children of Yossi Dagan, the head of the Shomron Regional Council. They were on their way to the protest tent Dagan established in Jerusalem when their vehicle was attacked by stones near Eli.

“I have been in the tent for a week and am now on my way to the Shaare Tzedek hospital to visit my wife and three children, who were injured by stone-throwers,” Dagan said.


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  1. Julius says:

    NO, NO, NO. DO NOT KILL THEM ! Shoot them in the thigh, smash the femur to pieces. That way, if they are seen in public limping, it will warn the IDF that a Phalic-stinian is there. Let ham-ass look after millions of disabled terrorists. Give them a sign of humanity, and warn other like minded idiots that the rest of their lives will be spent limping around, no more running and throwing anything. As they cant run, all will be caught, fined and kicked out of Israel !

  2. Irwin Graulich says:

    I just cannot wait to see what Gaza will look like if they keep launching more rockets at Israel. If you think Hiroshima looked bad, wait until you see Gaza!!! And the Gazans deserve it.

    • shimon says:

      what does hiroshima have to do with this? and hiroshima was something the americans did, not Jews or Israel. we don’t back that kind of killing, its genocide. you should know better. The Japanese suffered a lot.

  3. Fritz Kohlhaas says:

    Castrate them by shooting them in the groin!

  4. Bernard Wolfe says:

    Excellent idea.

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