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UN Human Rights Council adopts report charging Israel of war crimes

Having not entered Gaza or Israel during their ‘investigation’, and receiving no cooperation with the Israeli government, the UNHRC still adopted a report accusing only Israel of war crimes during Hamas’ year-long organized clashes with armed rioters along Gaza’s border with Israel.

By David Rosenberg


The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday voted to adopt a report accusing Israel of human rights violations, including war crimes, for its response to violent riots and attacks on the Israeli border along the frontier with Gaza.

On Friday, the Council’s 40th session voted in Geneva by a margin of 23 to 9, with 14 abstentions and one absence, to adopt the 252-page report conducted by the Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Continue Reading »

1 dead, 22 injured when 10,000 Gazans riot on border with Israel

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said that the rioters had been throwing rocks & hand grenades at Israeli troops who responded first by  riot-dispersal means, including firing rubber-coated bullets.



One Palestinian was killed and dozens more injured by IDF fire during the weekly protests which saw some 10,000 demonstrators riot along the Gaza security fence.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 25 year-old Ehab Atallah Abed was killed during clashes with IDF troops east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Another 24 were injured including fourteen minors, the ministry was quoted by Palestinian Wafa news as saying. Continue Reading »

IDF retaliates with gunship airstrike after rocket launched from Gaza

IAF Attack Helicopter Division responds forcefully destroying a Hamas post in Gaza on Saturday, in response to yet another rocket launched at Israel.
–  Gaza rioter was shot dead by the IDF during the weekly Hamas organized riots on Israel’s border.

By Elior Levy


IDF spokesman said Saturday that Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip have launched a rocket at Israel overnight, none were hurt and no damages were reported. In response, the IDF attacked a Hamas post in the strip using an IAF helicopter.

This is the first rocket to be launched from the Gaza Strip since the November fighting round, in which hundreds of rockets were launched at Israel from the strip, causing damages to property and killing one. Continue Reading »

4 Palestinians dead from Hamas’ Naksa Day riots on Gaza border

An estimated 10,000 Gazans showed up along the border with Israel to burn tires, damage security fence and infiltrate into Israel, forcing the IDF to employ riot-control techniques or firing warning shots before snipers took aim at the inciting ringleaders.
– Another 4 fires break out in southern Israel after Hamas incendiary kites crossed over the border.

By Yoav Zitun


At least four Palestinians were killed in Naksa Day protests on the Gaza border on Friday afternoon as some 10,000 Palestinians assembled along the security fence and began burning tires, hurling stones and flying incendiary kites into Israeli towns, prompting IDF snipers to open fire at violent ringleaders. Continue Reading »

Gazan’s to dress as Jewish concentration camp prisoners for Friday’s protest

Israel’s TV Nightly News reported  Palestinians will be wearing the Holocaust-like striped camp uniforms while marching toward Gaza’s border fence, with Hamas expecting them to infiltrate into Israel during Friday’s border riots.



Palestinians are expected to protest along the Gaza border fence on Friday wearing clothing made to resemble uniforms worn by prisoners in concentration camps in the Holocaust, Channel 2 News reported on Thursday.

The report says Gazans wearing the uniforms will march toward the border fence and Hamas intends to incite people to try and cross the fence.

The report also cites Palestinian media and social media saying at least 1,500 terror kites are being prepared for the protests. Continue Reading »

BUSTED: Killed Gaza medic admitted she was ‘Human Shield’ for rioters

WATCH Arabic IDF spokesman posts video proving female Palestinian medic killed during Hamas riots in Gaza last Friday trained to throw grenades, admitting she was not just an innocent ‘health worker’.
– “This proves Hamas exploits all members of Gaza society for its goals, and those of Iran.”

By Tal Polon


The IDF pushed back today against Hamas claims that a female Gaza medic killed during border riots on Friday was was merely an innocent health worker.

Continue Reading »

Czech FM, ‘Hamas alone responsible for Palestinian deaths during protests’

Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister issues uniquely honest statement for a European leader regarding the Gaza strip border violence, saying, “It’s also important to note…that Hamas habitually sends children to the riots’ focal points, so it could blame Israel for the deaths of children in front of the world.”
– Watch Video from Gaza

By Itamar Eichner


Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Stropnický issued a public statement on his ministry’s website Thursday in which he said Hamas alone was responsible for the deaths of Palestinians during Gaza Strip border protests in recent weeks.

Czech Foreign Affairs Minister Martin Stropnický – Official DoD photo by Sgt.

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IDF’s New Drone Drops Stink Bombs on Gaza Rioters

Dubbed the “Shoko Drone,” the IDF’s newest UAV hovers over rioters and releases small plastic bags packed with “skunk water” that burst on contact. Not harmful in cases of a direct hit, but rioters are overcome by nausea & the immediate need to ‘take a bath.’

By David Israel


Israel’s Defense Ministry’s weapons R&D on Wednesday revealed a new development that will help IDF soldiers disperse rioters with non-violent means. Dubbed the “Shoko Drone,” the new device hovers over groups of rioters and dumps its payload of plastic baggies packed with “skunk water,” which erupt on contact, sharply reducing quality of life wherever they hit, but no one is hurt beyond being seized by nausea. Continue Reading »

Gaza’s health ministry reports Palestinian shot dead by IDF on border


IDF reports patrol being forced to use live fire after dozens of violent rioters ignored IDF calls to exit buffer-zone and stop their approach to the Israeli border fence.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Gaza’s health ministry said on Friday that Israeli soldiers shot dead a young Palestinian during clashes along the Gaza border, AFP reports.

IDF Soldiers of the Caracal Battalion, charged with guarding Israel's southern border - Photo courtesy IDF Spokespersons Unit

IDF Soldiers of the Caracal Battalion, charged with guarding Israel’s southern border – Photo courtesy IDF Spokespersons Unit

“Mohammed Abu Saada, 26, died after being shot in the chest by Israeli soldiers in clashes east of the Al-Bureij camp,” ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement quoted by the news agency. Continue Reading »

Yom Kippur clashes with Israel Police in East Jerusalem gets Palestinian killed


20 yr-old Molotov cocktail throwing Ali Atef Shuyukhi was killed as he and other masked Palestinian rioters attacked, endangering Israeli forces in Silwan.

By Elior Levy, Roi Yanovsky


A Palestinian man was killed in clashes that broke out between Israeli Police and Border Police in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan on Tuesday night, during the Yom Kippur fast.

Palestinian throws firebomb at Jews – illustrative file photo

Ali Atef Shuyukhi, 20, was shot dead in the clashes, which lasted for a few hours. He was released from Israeli prison a few months ago after serving a year-and-a-half-long sentence.The

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Watch: Palestinians Riot at the Temple Mount

WATCH: Israel Police step in when Palestinians attacked Jews for bowing down, a violation of the status quo that prohibits non-Muslims from praying on the Temple Mount, Judaism’s most Holy site.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Over 500 people visited the Temple Mount on Tuesday, including 400 tourists. Eight, however, were forced off by the police after they allegedly (violating the visiting conditions.”

Temple Mount Riots on 26.4.16 - FB screenshot 2

Two Jewish visitors bowed down while on the site, in contravention of the status quo that bans Jews (and only Jews) from praying while at their holiest site. After they did so, a number of Arabs attacked them, driving the pair to the ground. Continue Reading »

Mistaken for Jew, Israeli Arab Attacked by Palestinian Rioters, Nearly Lynched


Assuming the male Israeli Arab who was driving through a Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem was Jewish, the mob stoned his car and were prepared to lynch him.

By Israel Today Staff


An Israeli Arab man was attacked and nearly lynched by an angry mob near Jerusalem last week, but not for any of the reasons you might initially imagine.

Mob Attacks, Nearly Lynches Israeli Arab Man – Photo source: Israel Today

The man was driving through the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Hanina, an Arab neighborhood, when he was surrounded by a mob of young men wielding knives and metal rods. Continue Reading »

Undercover IDF catch rioting ringleaders with Border Police covering their extraction


IDF Troops disguised as rioters photographed arresting Palestinian stone-throwing rioters, pulling their weapons and withdrawing with their suspects as Border Police move in to oversee safe withdrawal.

By Elior Levy


A video that emerged online Friday depicts the moments in which a group of “mistaravim” – Israeli security forces who go undercover as Palestinian rioters – apprehended a suspect for

The video captured an incident that occurred on Friday at around noon in northern Bethlehem. It opens with the point at which the Israeli troops reveal themselves while dozens of rioters flee the scene for fear of arrest. Continue Reading »

WATCH massive #fail: Bumbling Terrorist Sets Himself on Fire With Molotov Cocktail


In major ‘work accident’: Reporters film Hevron University student during violent riot, inadvertently igniting himself during attack on IDF and Israel Border Police.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A clumsy Arab terrorist taking part in a massive violent riot in Judea’s Hevron on Tuesday tried to throw a firebomb at IDF soldiers and Border Police – however, his potentially lethal attack found a victim much closer to home.

rioters attempt to extinguish fire caused as terrorist lit home-made firebomb - YouTube screenshot

Rioters attempt to extinguish fire caused as terrorist lit home-made firebomb – YouTube screenshot

Footage captures the hapless terrorist running for help as the khefiyeh scarf masking his face burns from the Molotov cocktail. Continue Reading »

2 More Gaza Rioters Killed By IDF in 2nd Day of Violent Protests on Israel’s Border


In 2nd day of demonstrations near Gaza’s border fence with Israel, two Palestinians killed and several more wounded by IDF, just 24 hours after 7 rioters were shot dead during a similar riot.

By Elior Levy & Yoav Zitun


Two Palestinian teenagers – aged 13 and 15 – were shot dead by IDF fire on Saturday during disturbances close to the border fence in the Khan Younis area, as violent confrontations continued to rage along Gaza’s borders throughout the weekend.

Twenty-three people were also reportedly wounded during the clashes, most of them very lightly.

Palestinian in Gaza across from Nahal Oz area on Friday – Photo: AP

The IDF fears an escalation as a result of the deaths and following rocket fire from the Gaza Strip late Friday night, Iron Dome batteries were deployed in Be’er Sheva and Ofakim.  Continue Reading »