IDF retaliates after errant Syrian projectile lands in Golan Heights

Having identified the source of the stray fire on Israel, the IDF retaliated holding the Syrian government responsible for attacks from its territory.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli army conducted a strike on a site in Syria on Thursday hours after a stray projectile from Syria landed in the northern Golan Heights, the military said.

The military said it struck the source of the errant fire and reiterated its policy that considers the Syrian government responsible for whatever occurs within its territory.

IDF artillery fire (file) – Photo IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Projectiles have sporadically landed in northern Israel throughout Syria’s years-long civil war.

Over 15 such incidents occurred within a week in June, prompting Israel’s military to strike Syrian military positions.

Thursday’s incident came less than a week after the Israeli Air Force announced that it had carried out a strike on a SA-5 battery some 50 kilometers east of Damascus which fired a missile towards Israeli fighter jets on a reconnaissance flight over neighboring Lebanon.

It was the first instance of a Syrian battery firing at an Israeli jet in Lebanese air space since the start of the civil war in 2011.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in August that Iran was seeking to establish a permanent military presence in Syria, and flagged a possible Israeli military response to such moves.


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