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Israel strikes targets in Syria after rockets fired at Golan Heights

UPDATED REPORT: In the early morning hours Israel fired missiles on groups of forces & warehouses connected to Hezbollah & Iran in southern Damascus, as well as the south-western region of Quneitra.
– Three soldiers belonging to the Assad regime and 7 foreign nationals reported dead.



Air defense systems were activated against missiles fired from the Golan Heights towards southwest Damascus, a Syrian military source said on Sunday morning, according to Kan news.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that the attacks focused on groups of forces and warehouses connected to Hezbollah and Iran in southern Damascus, according to Kan. Continue Reading »

2 Missiles fired at Israel from Syria

IDF reports no damage or injuries from the one missile that exploded near Mount Hermon, the second fell short landing in Syria.



Two missiles were fired from Syria toward Israel’s Golan Heights on Saturday night, the IDF confirmed.

The military said it was checking reports that one of the missiles landed near the Mount Hermon ski resort while the other landed inside Syrian territory.

Border Policeman recovers remnants of exploded rocket in open area of Northern Israel, having caused no injuries or damage. – Photo- IsraelandStuff/PP

There were no incoming rocket sirens activated and no interception of the rockets. Continue Reading »

IDF retaliates after errant Syrian projectile lands in Golan Heights

Having identified the source of the stray fire on Israel, the IDF retaliated holding the Syrian government responsible for attacks from its territory.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli army conducted a strike on a site in Syria on Thursday hours after a stray projectile from Syria landed in the northern Golan Heights, the military said.

The military said it struck the source of the errant fire and reiterated its policy that considers the Syrian government responsible for whatever occurs within its territory.

IDF artillery fire (file) – Photo IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Projectiles have sporadically landed in northern Israel throughout Syria’s years-long civil war. Continue Reading »

Report: Hezbollah at high alert after IDF’s deadly retaliatory strikes in Syria


Kuwaiti Al-Rai reports:
Hezbollah fears the Jewish State is seeking to escalate as Jerusalem believes, “that its situation is critical & will soon be tested.” 

This follows the IAF response, eradicating the Islamic Jihad cell that fired 2 rockets at the Galilee & 2 more at the Golan Heights. 

By Roi Kais


Hezbollah has increased its general alert level along the border with Israel, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai reported Saturday, “for fear of attempts by Israel to drag Lebanon and Syria into an escalation of a state less than war but more than an operation.” 

Destroyed rocket launchers’ vehicle in Syria

Officials told the newspaper that the Lebanese terrorist organization believes Israel is getting ready for some sort of action, because the leadership in Jerusalem believes “that its situation is critical and will soon be tested” in;light of the recent signing of the nuclear deal with Iran.  Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force Eliminates Palestinian Squad in Syria That Fired Rockets at Israel



Israel returns to Syria in 2nd round of its response to Thursday’s rocket attack on Israel, and kills 4-5 combatants said to be responsible for firing the 4 rockets that exploded in Israel.

By Yoav Zitun & Roi Kais


The Israel Air Force launched additional air strike in Syria Friday morning, targeting a vehicle in which 4-5 men were killed who were responsible for Thursday’s rocket fire on the Golan Heights, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon confirmed Friday morning.

A fire at the site of yesterday's rocket strike. (Photo: Yuval Landov)

A fire at the site of yesterday’s (Thursday Aug 20, 2015) rocket strike. – Photo: Yuval Landov

A senior IDF officer told Ynet that the attack occurred inside Syria some 10-15 kilometers from the Israeli border within territory entirely controlled by the Syrian Army. Continue Reading »

Four Islamic Jihad rockets explode in Israel’s Upper Galilee & Golan Heights

The rockets, fired from Syria, exploded in open areas in the Northern Golan & the Upper Galilee causing brush fires only, with no human casualties or damage to property.

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Four rockets landed Thursday in northern Israel close to the Lebanese border, military spokesperson reported.

A picture taken from the Israel’s Golan Heights shows smoke rising from the Syrian Druze village of Hader, on June 16, 2015 – Photo: AFP/Jalaa Marey

The rockets, two of which landed near a kibbutz in the Hula Valley in the Upper Galilee caused fires but no injuries, the Israeli military and security sources said. Continue Reading »