IDF seals-closed businesses which assisted Hamas terror group


IDF and Shabak performed joint operation Sunday night in which they closed down 3 Arab-owned businesses in Hevron that aided Hamas.

By Reut Hadar


Over the weekend, IDF forces in Judea and Samaria arrested three wanted terrorists, who are suspected of involvement in terror, as well as rioting and violent behavior towards civilians and security forces.

IDF posts ‘Sealed’ notice that business was closed by court order for assisting Hamas terror group. – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

On Sunday, the IDF and Shabak carried out a joint operation in which they raided and closed down three Arab-owned businesses in Hevron which aided Hamas terror cells.

 The cells in question aided Hamas recruitment and incited young Arabs to join the terror organization and carry out terror attacks.

The Arab owners of these businesses are Hamas terrorists who were previously jailed for involvement in terrorist infrastructure in Hevron. Their businesses provided various discounts and services to Hamas, printed inciting materials, and hid various illegal materials.

IDF weilds business doors shut – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

“Every business which provides services to terror organizations risks being closed down and having its properties confiscated,” an IDF spokesman warned.

The IDF also found discovered three pipe bombs, and arrested the terrorist suspected of owning them.

3 Pipe bombs – Photo courtesy: Israel Police


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