IDF sends ‘induction orders’ via new online system

IDF aims to streamline induction process with its new online system that will issue reservists’ orders by email.

By Yossi Yehushua


No longer will marching orders be sent to IDF reservists by the iconic brown envelopes: The military announced the launch of a new online system tailored specifically to the Reserves needs.


IDF – Photo: Hadar Cohen

Reserves soldiers will now receive their deployment orders by email, and will be given an access code to a special secure website, which will include all the information relevant to their posts, in addition to many other features.

The technological improvement was promoted by the IDF Personnel Directorate and the Teleprocessing Branch, following many complaints by reservists about the inefficient process.

Until now, reserve soldiers had to call a communications officer to handle their pleas, but in many cases the officers were busy or unavailable.

The new system will also allow the soldiers to schedule meetings with commanders, apply for various passes, ask for new gear and even file a request to be excused from service for personal reasons.

In the future, commanders will be able to chat with soldiers on the website, upload photos and set up social gatherings. A smart phone app is also in the works.

The IDF hopes the new system, apart from greater efficiency, will also prove to be a significant money-saver.


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