IDF & Shin Bet do it again! Bomb confiscated, terrorists arrested

Shin Bet & IDF nab two major cells in the past 2 months with plans to kill Israeli then demand release of terror prisoners.



The IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) in the last two months thwarted a terror attack and kidnapping in the Hebron area, planned by two separate Hamas and Islamic Jihad cells, the Shin Bet revealed on Tuesday.

Improvised explosive device found on suspects

Improvised explosive device found on suspects – Photo: Courtesy Shin Bet

The Shin Bet said that a Hamas cell, comprising nine residents of the Bani Naim village, planned to murder an Israeli in the Jewish agricultural area near the village and to hide the body and demand the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the corpse.

The suspects were found to be in possession of an improvised explosive device and instructions for making explosives.

Five members of the Islamic Jihad cell were arrested, all Hebron residents, one of whom is a terrorist who was injured two years ago while trying to escape arrest and who has since been wheelchair-bound.

Charges against the detainees were submitted to the West Bank military court.


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