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Israel to heighten security presence in public areas


A governmental committee examining the issue of security in public spaces recommended a legal amendment requiring open-air shopping centers apply for the same permits as indoor malls, requiring more armed security guards and allowing the police to perform security patrols.

By i24news


Israel plans to boost security in open malls and markets with on-site guards and patrols, two months after Palestinian attackers opened fire on shoppers and diners at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market, the Times of Israel reported on Tuesday.

The site of the terror attack in which two Palestinian gunmen killed four patrons of the Sarona market in Tel Aviv a day earlier, June 9 2016 – Photo: JESSI SATIN/I24NEWS

Four people were killed and over a dozen wounded in the Tel Aviv attack, which many commentators said recalled the darkest days of the second intifada, when Tel Aviv residents were regularly targeted with bombings on public transports and places of leisure such as restaurants. Continue Reading »

Residents from Israel’s border communities angered by NIS 70m. security cutback


Disagreement between Public Security Ministry and the Defense Ministry will leave dozens of communities on Israel’s border without a security budget beginning January 1.

By Matan Tzuri


A NIS 70 million cut to the security budget for 50 Israeli border communities will go into effect on December 31, leaving problems with the border fence unsolved, removing arms from military warehouses, and hindering the ability of security coordinators to monitor the border 7 days a week, Ynet learned on Thursday, while the Defense Ministry and Public Security Ministry both say the matter does not fall under their responsibility.

Damage to the kibbutz’s security fence will be left unfixed after the budget cut comes into effect.

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IDF & Shin Bet do it again! Bomb confiscated, terrorists arrested

Shin Bet & IDF nab two major cells in the past 2 months with plans to kill Israeli then demand release of terror prisoners.



The IDF and the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) in the last two months thwarted a terror attack and kidnapping in the Hebron area, planned by two separate Hamas and Islamic Jihad cells, the Shin Bet revealed on Tuesday.

Improvised explosive device found on suspects

Improvised explosive device found on suspects – Photo: Courtesy Shin Bet

The Shin Bet said that a Hamas cell, comprising nine residents of the Bani Naim village, planned to murder an Israeli in the Jewish agricultural area near the village and to hide the body and demand the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the corpse.

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Israel’s airport security may require ‘suspicious tourists’ to open email accounts


Israel’s Attorney-general: Increasing threat from foreign ‘tourists’ exploited for terrorism 

Shin Bet security agents have legal grounds to demand access to email in exceptional cases where incriminating evidence may connect the ‘tourist’ to activities that threaten Israel’s national security.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Foreign citizens visiting Israel may be asked to open their email accounts for airport security when they land at Ben-Gurion International Airport, the Attorney-General’s Office stated Wednesday in response to a petition by a leading Israeli civil rights group.

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