IDF soldiers fires on Gaza kite launched with camera attached


After IDF soldiers fire warning shots, Palestinian kite returns to Gaza side of the border.
• In a routine check, Border Police prevent a Palestinian headed to commit a terrorist attack on security forces.
• PM Netanyahu sends message to Israel’s enemies: Every “drizzle” of rocket fire onto Israel will be met with a deluge.

By Lilach Shoval, Shlomo Cesana, Efrat Forsher, and Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli soldiers on duty on the Israel-Gaza Strip border spotted something unusual in the sky on Saturday morning, and discovered a kite equipped with a camera coming toward them from the direction of Gaza. When the soldiers fired warning shots in the air, the kite moved away.

The gun captured by Border Police on Friday night – Photo courtesy: Israel Police Spokesperson

The Israel Defense Forces stressed that at no point did the kite present a threat.

Less than three weeks ago, an Israeli Air Force jet shot down a drone that was flying over the Gaza coast. The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the drone had been tracked from the moment it was seen and had not entered Israeli airspace.

On Friday night, Border Police in Judea and Samaria prevented what appeared to be a planned terrorist attack against security forces.

Border Police officers on duty at a checkpoint near the village of Sawahra, in the Bethlehem area, stopped a Palestinian vehicle for a routine check. While checking the mobile phones of the five occupants of the car, the officers noted pictures of guard posts and pictures of a black bag containing what seemed to be a gun. After a brief questioning, the owner of the phone, a 21-year-old resident of Bethlehem, said the gun in the picture was located in the adjacent Dheisheh refugee camp.

Border Police searched there and found the gun, along with ammunition. Their search was met by intense rioting by residents, but there were no injuries.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded on Friday to the rise in rocket fire on Israel from Gaza. In a conference of local council heads, Netanyahu said: “We aren’t willing to suffer a ‘drizzle’ of rocket fire at Israel. Every drizzle will be met with a deluge.”

He added: “Every time our territory comes under fire up north or in the south, or anywhere else, we respond with great power. This is our policy, and Israel’s enemies had best understand that.”


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