IDF tanks destroy Hamas posts after Palestinians ignite fire on Gaza border-fence

Having attempted to destroy Israel’s security infrastructure, IDF tanks retaliate after 2 Palestinians, without entering into Israel, started a brush fire that they hoped would incapacitate the operations of Israel’s electronic border fence with Gaza.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli army shelled two Hamas observation posts in the northern Gaza Strip on Wednesday after two Palestinians arrived at the border fence and started a fire, the Israel Defense Force (IDF) reported on Wednesday.

The suspects approached the Karni Crossing but “did not cross the fence nor infiltrate into Israel,” the IDF statement said.

Palestinian protesters along the Israel-Gaza border. – Photo: JACKGUEZ/AFP

“The IDF views with severity any attempt to damage and destroy the security fence and security infrastructure,” the statement ended.

Ahead of this, the army announced that it would impose a ten day closure on the West Bank and Gaza border crossing over the Passover holidays set to begin at 12.01 a.m. on Thursday 29th March and end on April 7th at midnight.

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot announced today that more than 100 snipers are authorized to make use of live fire if violence becomes out of hand, as security forces brace for violent Palestinian protests set to coincide with the Jewish holiday.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians who work legally inside Israel every day, primarily in construction and maintenance jobs will be affected by the border . Palestinians who work inside Israeli settlements in the West Bank will not be affected.

Crossing between the West Bank or Gaza Strip and Israel during that time will not be permitted, except in humanitarian and other outstanding cases.

Mass protests are expected for this coming Friday, March 30, where Palestinians plan to storm the border fence to mark “Land Day.”

A six-week long ‘tent city protest’ is also set to start on the same day where demonstrators will pitch tents “at the nearest, safe point from the border” in a bid to demand for the Palestinians “right of return.”

The end will coincide with ‘Nakba Day’ [The Catastrophe] on May 15, commemorating when approximately 760,000 Palestinians fled or were driven from their homes. More riots are expected as Israel meanwhile, will celebrate its 70th Independence Day anniversary.

Unrest along the Gaza border has been increasingly commonplace in recent months.

On Tuesday, three Palestinians armed with knives and grenades were caught crossing and were arrested 20 kilometers from the border. This was the second successful border infiltration following the crossing of four Palestinians on Saturday who tried to set fire to machinery being used to build a new barrier around the enclave.


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