India: Iranian was Watching Jewish Sites

India has expelled an Iranian man who gathered information on Jewish sites and local Jewish businessmen.

India has expelled an Iranian man accused of gathering information on Jewish sites in the city of Pune. 40-year-old Hamid Kashkouli passed his findings on to Iran.

One of the sites Kashkouli spied on was the local Chabad House. In 2008 a Chabad House was among the targets when terrorists launched a multi-pronged attack in Mumbai. Nine were murdered, among them Chabad Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, 29, and his wife Rivka, 28.

Kashkouli had been in India as a PhD student. However, in his three years in the country, he made no progress in his doctorate work.

Indian security forces grew suspicious at Kashkouli’s frequent visits to the Iranian embassy in Mumbai. A search of his electronic correspondence revealed that he had passed on information about Jewish sites in Pune, including pictures.

In February, an Israeli woman was seriously wounded in a car bomb attack in India. Indian authorities say the attack was the work of Iranian group Tevhid Selam Quds.


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By Maayana Miskin