Int’l media ignores physical abuse of Nuns in Bethlehem by Muslim family

It has been suggested that mainstream media is purposely neglecting to report on this ongoing nightmare, where Christian Nuns in Bethlehem have been subjected to violence since July 2017, only because it can’t be blamed on Israel.

By Ryan Jones


Every Israeli slight against Christians, whether real or perceived, becomes the topic of international headlines.

Take for instance the occasions of anti-Christian graffiti scrawled on churches in Jerusalem by a handful of radical Jewish youth. As upsetting as those incidents were, no real harm was done, and both the authorities and local Jewish community were quick to stand with the wronged churches.

And yet, Israel was falsely lambasted in the mainstream media as a place unwelcoming to and even hostile toward Christians.

So, it’s more than a little curious that a far more severe trial being faced by Christian nuns in nearby Bethlehem is being all but ignored.

St. Mary’s Coptic Convent in Bethlehem – Photo courtesy: (Middle East Concern)

Middle East Concern, one of the few organizations willing to expose the plight of Christians living under the Palestinian Authority, reports that portions of the St. Mary’s Coptic Convent in Bethlehem have been unlawfully taken over by a local Muslim family, and the nuns living there exposed to routine physical abuse.

Sisters Maria and Esther have filed official complaints against the Mahatna family, but Palestinian Authority courts have failed to take any real action.

The convent remains partially occupied, despite the fact that the nuns filed their first complaint back in April of 2017, when a female member of the Muslim family, Rania Mahatna, assaulted Sister Maria and caused damage to the property.

It was when the nuns were on their way to the police station to file that initial complaint that a second major incident occurred. Rania’s brother, Rami, along with a gang of friends, stopped the nuns’ car and attacked it with iron bars.

A police officer who witnessed this attack reportedly later changed his testimony when questioned in court.

The nuns and their lawyer believe the Mahatna family has connections within the Palestinian Authority that it is using to obstruct justice in this matter.

This is not an isolated case. But, because Israel and the Jews aren’t involved, it receives little, if any attention. Highlighting it simply wouldn’t fit with the narrative that Israel is behind all the woes of the local Christian population.


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