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Descendants of Nazis plan marches in 35 cities around the world – for Israel

The group founded by descendants of Nazis, March of Life, will be marking Israel’s 70th Independence Day with organized marches in 35 cities, culminating with 6,000 marching in Jerusalem.
• The group of German Christians & descendants of Nazis, work to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and to combat anti-Semitism.

Israel Hayom


Thirty-five cities in Europe, the United States and Latin America will hold marches to mark Israel’s 70th anniversary next month in a series of events being organized by March of Life, a group of German Christians and descendants of Nazis who work to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive and to combat anti-Semitism. Continue Reading »

Int’l media ignores physical abuse of Nuns in Bethlehem by Muslim family

It has been suggested that mainstream media is purposely neglecting to report on this ongoing nightmare, where Christian Nuns in Bethlehem have been subjected to violence since July 2017, only because it can’t be blamed on Israel.

By Ryan Jones


Every Israeli slight against Christians, whether real or perceived, becomes the topic of international headlines.

Take for instance the occasions of anti-Christian graffiti scrawled on churches in Jerusalem by a handful of radical Jewish youth. As upsetting as those incidents were, no real harm was done, and both the authorities and local Jewish community were quick to stand with the wronged churches. Continue Reading »

P.M. Netanyahu: We Help Everyone Because Israel is a Light Unto the Nations

At a ceremony welcoming Christian media representatives to the Jewish State, P.M. Netanyahu was asked why Israel is always so eager to be the first helping victims of disaster around the world. His answers was from the Bible.
– WATCH Video

By Israel Today Staff


During a ceremony welcoming Christian media representatives to Jerusalem, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked why Israel goes so far out of its way to provide aid to disaster victims around the world.

From Haiti to Nepal to Japan to Mexico, Israel is almost always the first on the scene following major catastrophe, and more often than not sends one of the largest and best-equipped delegations, despite being so much smaller than many of the other nations responding. Continue Reading »

Palestinian martyr-themed Christmas terrorist-tree for 2016 displayed in Jerusalem


Unlike the Arab Archbishop’s boss, Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos III, who openly praised Israel’s protection of Christians, Atallah Hanna reveled around ‘hijacked’ Palestinian Christmas tree in East Jerusalem.

Israel Today Staff


A Christmas tree featuring photos of dozens of Palestinian terrorists killed while attacking Israeli Jews has been erected in eastern Jerusalem.

Until the past weekend, the tree had attracted many visitors, both Muslims and Christians. Among them was Archbishop of Sebastia Theodosios, better known as Atallah Hanna.

Theophilos & visitors with the 2016 martyr's Christmas tree in eastern Jerusalem. - Screenshot Israel TV2 News

Theophilos with visitors by the 2016 martyr’s Christmas tree in eastern Jerusalem. – Screenshot Israel TV2 News

Channel 2 News reported that Hanna told those gathered at the tree that it constituted a “Christmas message [from] the heart of Palestine – we are one nation defending one issue…standing firm and remaining in the Holy Land.” Continue Reading »

Local Christian Clergy Praise Complete Freedom of Religion in Israel


President Reuven Rivlin welcomed in Jerusalem, the clergy of Christian communities in Israel to mark the civil New Year, wishing all the Christian leaders and their congregations, “A good and healthy New Year,” adding, “May it be a year of mutual understanding and respect. A year of justice and fairness.”

By Israel Today


With Christians suffering in most of the surrounding nations, local Christian leaders took this Christmas season as an opportunity to thank Israel for protecting them and their freedoms.

 President Reuven Rivlin welcomed the leaders of Christian communities in Israel to mark the civil New Year. - Photo- Facebook, Israel in the USA by Mark Naiman, GPO

President Reuven Rivlin welcomed the leaders of Christian communities in Israel to mark the civil New Year. – Photo- Israel in the USA/Facebook, Mark Naiman of Israel’s GPO

That message was delivered by Greek Patriarch Theophilos III during the annual Christmas and Hanukkah gathering at the presidential residence in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Media Silent as Palestinians Forcibly Convert Christians: They Can’t Blame Israel



Christians in Gaza held a rally against the abduction and forced conversion of their children. “Christians who converted to Islam did so under threats, coercion, compulsion and force,” said Christian leader.

By Ryan Jones


You’d think a story like this would be making major headlines, given the amount of attention that’s afforded every other aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the forced conversion of Christians to Islam by Gaza’s Hamas rulers just doesn’t seem to interest Western power brokers.


And that should be a wake-up call for any and all advocating a two-state solution.

Arab media commentator Raymond Ibrahim brings the story after surveying Arabic-language media, where the plight of Gaza Christians seems to be covered far more regularly. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Al-Quds University turn Christmas tree into ‘martyr tree’


view videoWith some 7,000 people expected to visit Bethlehem for Christmas, according to the Palestinian Authority Tourism Ministry, visitors may be surprised to find Al-Quds University’s ‘martyr tree’ adorned with photos of the Palestinians killed in the commission of attacking Jews.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


The thousands of visitors flocking to Bethlehem for Christmas eve on Thursday, including hundreds of Gazan worshippers, will be met with a new addition to the Christmas decor: a martyr tree in the town’s main square.

A protest in Bethlehem before Christmas – Photo: EPA

The huge fir tree is covered with images of Palestinians killed in clashes with Israeli security forces when carrying out stabbing, shooting and ramming attacks over the last three months, Channel 2 reported. Continue Reading »

The Devil’s Christmas Tree – How the Palestinians Hijack Jesus to Spread ‘Sad Tidings’

Christian News From the Holy Land 

Palestinian Muslim officials continue to exploit Christmas by spreading lies & hate, rather than truth, hope, and Glad Tidings.

By David Lazarus


Earlier this month, the annual Christmas tree was adorned once again in Bethlehem as Palestinians gathered under the starlit pine in Manger Square, a reminder of the peace and light that Jesus brought to the world.

The annual Bethlehem Christmas tree was adorned once again in Bethlehem

What a wonderful time to celebrate the goodness and hope that we have in Jesus Christ, especially in that marvelous Little Town of Bethlehem, lying so still under the starry winter night. Continue Reading »

Church of England Bars Pastor From Disseminating Anti-Israel Material


The Bishop of Guildford, admitted “…At the very least, he [Sizer] has demonstrated appallingly poor judgment in the material he has chosen to disseminate…some of which is clearly anti-Semitic.”

By Israel Today Staff


The Diocese of Guildford of the Church of England ruled this week that a controversial vicar, Dr. Stephen Sizer, had in his “undisciplined commitment to an anti-Zionist agenda” crossed the line into anti-Semitism by promoting conspiracy theories against the Jews.

Dr. Stephen Sizer – Israel Today

Late last month, just around the time of International Holocaust Memorial Day, Sizer posted to Facebook a link to an article titled “9/11 Israel did it.” Continue Reading »

Israeli aid group providing humanitarian support for Iraqi refugees

Christian, Yazidi & Kurdish refugees have been receiving humanitarian assistance from IsraAid, which will soon begin providing a schooling framework.
• Shachar Zahavi, founding director of IsraAid: ‘Our primary goal now is to help the children.’

Continue Reading »

Nazareth Priest: In Israel, Christians Have Education, Employment, Welfare, Healthcare – Freedom

Father Gabriel Naddaf of Nazareth continues in his efforts to educate the world that only in Israel, Christians of the Middle East can find peace.

By Israel Today Staff


Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Nazareth-based Greek Orthodox Christian priest of Aramean background, has become a symbol and vocal witness of the situation for Christians in Israel, and how that differs from the way Christians are treated everywhere else in the Middle East.

Speaking before US congressional leaders in Washington, DC this week, Father Naddaf explained:

“In the Middle East today, there is one country where Christians are affectionately granted freedom of expression, freedom of worship and security.

Continue Reading »

Int’l Christian Embassy to be 1st Organization to Inaugurate Jerusalem’s New Arena

Christian Embassy moves its annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration, to Jerusalem’s brand new, modern 11,000-seat Pais arena.

By Israel Today Staff


The following is a press release by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem regarding their upcoming Feast of Tabernacles celebration to be held at Jerusalem’s new Pais Arena.

New Jerusalem Pais Arena - Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

New Jerusalem Pais Arena – Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is pleased to announce that our annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration will have a new home this coming October 10-15, as we will be moving the week-long event to the brand new Jerusalem Pais Arena, near Malha mall.

For the past 33 years, the ICEJ has hosted its Feast gathering in the Jerusalem Convention Center, drawing thousands of Christians each year for a dynamic celebration of this biblical festival when the nations are welcomed in Jerusalem.

Continue Reading »

Christian lone soldier decides to cross the ‘Finnish’ line to volunteer in IDF


30 years ago, Daniel Bana’s Christian Arab father married a Finnish tourist & moved to Finland. Bana 24, now a lone soldier in the IDF, calls Israel his home.

By Danny Brenner


Corporal Daniel Bana, a 24-year-old combat soldier in the Kfir infantry brigade, is not your typical lone soldier. Some 30 years ago his father, a Christian Arab from Kafr Yasif, married a Finnish tourist visiting Israel and moved to southern Finland. They would have seven children.

Corporal Daniel Bana in IDF military fatigues – Photo: Gil Eliyahu/JINI

“We would visit my dad’s family every year, he has a warm and loving family in Kafr Yasif,” Daniel says about his childhood. Continue Reading »

Arab Knesset Member Writes Pope to Prevent Christian Volunteering for IDF


Israeli Arab lawmaker appeals to Vatican in a letter, asking help in stopping Arabic-speaking Christians from integrating too much with Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Basel Ghattas has issued an appeal to Pope Francis to personally intervene against the enlistment of Arabic-speaking Christians in the Israeli army.

Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Basel Ghattas – Photo source: Israel Today

Haaretz reports that Ghattas’ letter was delivered to the Vatican’s representative in Jerusalem, Archbishop Giuseppe Lazzarotto, in hopes that Pope Francis would address the issue when he visits the Holy Land in May.

Like most other minorities, local Arabic-speaking Christians are not required to serve in the Israeli army, but a growing number are choosing to do so, many at the encouragement of the Nazareth-based Israeli Christian Recruitment Forum. Continue Reading »

Israeli Christians flock to ‘weeping’ Mary statue in the Galilee


The residents from the northern town of Tarshiha say a statue of Virgin Mary ‘weeps’ oil.


Hundreds of people have flocked to a small town in northern Israel to view a statue of the Virgin Mary that residents say “weeps” oil.

Statue of Virgin Mary, Feb. 11, 2014.

Christian worshipers next to a statue of the Virgin Mary, that residents say “weeps” oil, Tarshiha, Feb. 11, 2014.- Photo: AP

Members of a Christian family from Tarshiha, near the Lebanon border, say they have witnessed a miracle in their living room.

Osama Khoury said Tuesday that his wife Amira found the statue “covered with oil” recently. Continue Reading »