Introducing Yair Netanyahu & Norwegian Girlfriend, Sandra Leikanger

Israel’s PM happily informs his Norwegian counterpart in Davos, that his son, Yair, is serious about a Norwegian student.

By Israel Today Staff


A smiling Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with his Norwegian counterpart, Erna Solberg, in Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, and one of the topics on the agenda was Netanyahu’s son’s new Norwegian girlfriend.

Netanyahu reportedly revealed to Solberg that his son, Yair, had recently vacationed in the northern part of Norway with his new girlfriend, , a Norwegian national who is currently studying at Israel’s Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya.

Norwegian news agency Dagen managed to snag some photos of Yair and Sandra together in Norway from her Facebook page. A day later, Leikanger quickly restricted public access to the images, and declined to comment to Dagen on the matter.

As Netanyahu is one of the world’s foremost terrorist targets, he is the subject of constant and strict security measures. Dagen contacted Norway’s Police Security Service (PST) to ask what special measures had been taken to protect Netanyahu’s son during his recent visit.

The PST declined to comment.


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