Iranian official openly boasts they fooled the world, can enrich uranium within 5 days

Precisely as Israel’s PM Netanyahu warned the world, Iran has not honored the Obama-brokered nuclear agreement, can begin enriching uranium to 20% within just 5 days, then begin making nukes at any time, and Iranian generals and officials openly say so to their media.

By Israel Today Staff


Israel warned former US President Barack Obama that Iran wouldn’t honor the nuclear arms deal he brokered with the Islamic Republic.

PM Netanyahu warns the US Congress that Obama’s deal is “A Bad deal” …Iranians untrustworthy.

The ayatollahs and their elected puppets went through the motions, but never truly fulfilled the stipulations of the agreement.

The West, fearful of escalating tensions, turned a blind eye to numerous violations. But that only kicked the can down the road, as the Americans say.

Now, top Iranian officials are openly boasting of successfully playing the West, while retaining the ability to restart their nuclear arms program at a moment’s notice.

In an August 22 interview on Iran’s IRINN TV, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, revealed that his people had poured cement into a few external pipes at the Arak nuclear reactor in order to fool international inspectors, but had not disabled its core.

“If we want to, we can start enriching uranium to 20% within five days, and that is very significant,” said Salehi.

Indeed, this is very significant. The question is whether or not Western powers see it as such


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  1. Bile Samaila says:

    I knew right from the start that the nuclear deal with Iran by Obama is a complete disaster and look very suspicious with a clear elements of conspiracy by Obama to empower another regional power that would challenge Israel peaceful and defence dominance in the middle east. Obama work against the interest of Israel globally, in Nigeria he ensure the emergence of a government not too friendly with Israel, unlike the previous government which demonstrate a strong support for Israel especially in the UN assembly. Obama foreign policies must be reviewed, if possible the US government should hold him accountable for his decision to allow Iran to acquire a nuclear capabilities to enrich it nuclear reactors, which has a grievious consequences to world peace…especially Israel.

    • israelandstuffcom says:

      I agree, he should be held accountable…. not just via his presidential legacy, that’s being disassembled.

      His true distain for what America stands for and it’s position (for good, or for bad) as the world’s ‘sheriff’ has been made evident in most of his foreign policy decisions and alas, a few of his domestic ones.

      If one looks at them objectively, he’s facilitated chaos in the mid-East, drained the American economy unnecessarily, depleted the military of essential equipment & manpower, signed executive orders that have ‘nice names’ but have little-to-no actual benefits for the United States, making it weaker, which in turn allowed systematic pandemonium among American’s closest allies in Europe, North Africa and Asia.
      – That embolden the trouble-makers of the planet, and now the world is a far, far more dangerous place.

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