Iranians at World Cup Love Israel

Watch video: Iranians interviewed at World Cup by Israel’s Channel 2 expressed affection and opinions contrary of their leadership’s.

By Arutz Sheva


Iranians interviewed by Israel’s Channel 2 at the soccer World Cup expressed opinions very different from their leadership regarding the Jewish state. Clearly intoxicated by the World Cup spirit, the reveling fans said “Israel is good,” and “we love Israel.”

“Israel is good,” and “we love Israel.” – Israel Channel 2 screenshot

Iran was defeated 1:0 by Argentina on Saturday.

The Iranians may face trouble at home, as Iranian authorities do not like it when citizens stray from the government’s official policies in public. However, many are likely Iranian expats living abroad.

Six Iranians were recently arrested for making a tribute video to Pharrell Williams’ hit song “Happy,” in which unveiled women danced with men, have since been released. However, they were forced to “repent” on national TV – after reportedly undergoing serious abuse.

The video was uploaded to YouTube in late April; one upload of the six dancing in Tehran to Williams’ catchy song promoting happiness has already garnered over half a million views on YouTube since being posted Monday.



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